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  • Jerseys?

    Whos jersey do you have? What website is the best to buy one?

    I just got my Darren McFadden AFL authentic throw back right now. They sent me the wrong size:(. Whats the best online place to buy jerseys

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    For NFL jerseys I'd just buy them directly from NFLshop. Don't go on Ebay.


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      I looked on nflshop. The dont have it. Id have to get a customizable one

      "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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        I might give up on jerseys. I have really bad luck with them:

        Darko Milicic - Bust
        Charles Rogers - Bust
        Chauncey Billups - Traded
        Jason Maxiell - I assume he'll get traded this season.


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          I have an AP and Greenway jersey, I just buy them from a store in the mall.

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            Troy Edwards - Steelers.

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              I have like 10 soccer jerseys that I've gotten on Ebay. All but one was great quality and like a quarter of what i would have paid elsewhere.

              Samuel Eto'o- Barcelona and Cameroon
              Zinidine Zidane- Real Madrid and France
              Alan Shearer- Newcastle and England
              Mark Viduka- Newcastle
              Oba Martins- Newcastle
              Bobby Moore- West Ham

              Cal Ripkin- Orioles
              Jeromy Burnitz- Brewers
              Ryan Braun- Brewers

              Robert Brooks - Packers
              Brett Favre - Packers
              Aarron Rodgers- Packers

              Mike Alstott- Bucaneers

              Peyton Manning- Colts

              Reggie Miller- Pacers
              Dikembe Mutombo- Nuggets
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                I will name the Vikings jerseys I have since I a lot of other ones. Peterson, Taylor, Kevin Williams(Authentic and Replica), EJ Henderson, Jim Kleinsasser, Bernard Berrian and Sidney Rice. Soon I hope to get Jared Allen.

                The place where I usually go is either nflshop or espnshop or even through the teams shop on their website.
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                  I do REALLY want the Chargers to draft a Buckeye in Round 1. I'd sooooo get a Powder Blue jersey.

                  Along with Troy Edwards, I have:

                  Santonio Holmes, Hines Ward: Steelers

                  Archie Griffin: Ohio State

                  Dan Marino: Throwback Dolphins

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                    Tuck, Osi, and Eli for the Giants
                    Fitzgerald for the Cardinals
                    AD for the Vikings
                    Larry Johnson for the Chiefs
                    Marshawn Lynch for the Bills
                    Ochocinco for the Bengals
                    Reggie Bush for the Saints
                    Steve Smith for the Panthers
                    McFadden for the Raiders
                    Merriman for the Chargers(powder blue)
                    Caddy for the bucs
                    Ted Ginn for the Dolphins
                    D-Wade for the Heat
                    CP3 for the Hornets
                    A-Rod, and Jeter for the Yankees
                    King Henrik for the Rangers

                    Edit: Sorry, I forgot a few. And, I buy them at Modells or the team's shop
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                      I need to get a jersey to wear on Sundays. I think that'd be the only time I'd ever wear it though


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                        I want to get an AD one...maybe i'll buy his pro bowl one, but I don't want to order from Online.
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                          sk, didn't you say you had a site with quality Chinese made jerseys?


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                            Originally posted by fenikz View Post
                            sk, didn't you say you had a site with quality Chinese made jerseys?
                            A friend of mine has a contact in China who makes them. Any team, any player


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                              I don't think I'm allowed to buy jerseys...

                              Everytime I do, the player either gets arrested or ends up on another team the next season. Bad luck or fate? Either way, it sucks.

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