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    Falcons (NFL), Cavs (NBA)
    Virginia Tech.
    Virginia Tech.
    ACC Champions 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010

    Next Up: 2012


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      Originally posted by Vikes99ej View Post
      Finally a veteran in this thread, not these 2009 newfags
      i love how everyone who is from 2009 in this thread has posted something incredibly stupid


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        Name: Steve
        Age: 18
        Occupation: TCNJ Student, Graphic Designer in training
        Fav Pro Teams: Bucs, Yankees, Kevin Harvick
        Fav NCAA teams: UNC, Cincinnati
        4 Music Artists: Foo Fighters, Reel Big Fish, Against Me!, Less Than Jake
        Pet's Name(s): Silver

        bonekrusher on the sig magic
        <beans> libid dont worry man i think fondling big black men is a perfectly worthy career goal
        <JBond> laughing so hard I am crying


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          Name: Brent
          Age: 23
          Occupation: Best Buy Merchandise
          Fav Pro Teams: 49ers, Mavs, SF Giants
          Fav NCAA Teams: TEXAS A&M
          3 Music Groups: Saves the Day, Thursday, The Get Up Kids

          Pick the Winners Champion 2008 | 2011


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            Name: Jay
            Age: 34
            Occupation: Printing press operator/musicain
            Fav Pro Teams: Vikings, Colts, Pacers
            Fav NCAA Teams: Notre Dame (but generally a Big Ten fan)
            3 Music Groups: Megadeth, Fear Factory, Metallica(there are so, so many more)


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              Name James Rowe
              Age 17
              Occupation stoner
              fav pro teams: raiders giants kings
              ncca team USC Duke
              3 music: The Game, Mac Dre, Ya Boy
              Pets 2 wiener dogs: Smokey and Abby

              "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                Name: Philip
                Age: 15
                Occupation: Sophomore in HS
                Fav Pro Teams: NYG, Yankees, Knicks, Rangers
                NCAA team: Michigan
                3 music artists: Jack Johnson, The Fray, Red Hot Chili Peppers
                Pet: Yorkie

                Bone Krusher, the best


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                  Name: Fernando
                  Age: 22
                  Occupation: Full time Finance student at UT-Pan American
                  Fav pro teams: Cowboys, Kings, Red Sox
                  College Team: Texas
                  Pet: none


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                    Name: Puchi
                    Age: 20
                    Occupation: Breeze Shooter
                    Fav Pro Teams: 49ers, Lakers, Dodgers
                    Fav NCAA Teams: BYU and LSU. I love Cali teams too
                    3 Music Groups/Artists: RATM, 2Pac, Brendan Benson
                    Pet's Name: DEE-OH-GEE (Pitbull)


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                      Name: Kevin
                      Age: 20
                      Occupation: Student
                      Fav pro teams: Dodgers, Rams, Lakers, Kings
                      College Team: Colorado, Arizona State
                      Pet: none


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                        Name: Danny
                        Age: 24
                        Occupation: Military- Nuclear Engineering
                        Fav Pro teams: Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox
                        Fav NCAA teams: ND and BC
                        3 Music Groups: Big Pun, Eminem, 2pac
                        Pets: None right now but buying a dog once my son is at least 1 yrs old

               guys make me feel old lol...
                        -Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots-Boston Celtics-


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                          Name - Les
                          Age - 24
                          Occupation - Accountant...
                          Fav Pro Teams - Vikings, Magic, Penguins and White Sox
                          Fav NCAA Teams - Miami, Michigan, USC and Tennessee(FB), Duke and Miami(BB).

                          Props to BK on the sig!


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                            Administration monkey for UK Border Agency
                            Vikings, Crystal Palace, Bulls, Ducks
                            Brand New, Incubus, Rise Against
                            Kegwin (It's a long (stupid) story) German Shepherd
                            What if everyone simultaneously disobeys?
                            It aint a game if no one plays, oh.


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                              Originally posted by The Unseen View Post
                              I just looked myself
                              Straight in the eyes and saw
                              That I had to move
                              To higher places
                              So I took my courage
                              In both hands and
                              I pushed off the ground
                              With all my might

                              Took off from the red place
                              In the sky I fly
                              I have lost my reason
                              And I've made my sense
                              From up there I will see
                              Where I'm from
                              And where the force of love
                              Will tell me now to go

                              But why do you say
                              That you are lost
                              If you don't even try
                              To find yourself
                              My words are a stairs
                              I put my feet on
                              And I climb through
                              A starless night to my place

                              Now from a solar system
                              To another I fly
                              I come with life in my veins
                              Through darkened space I ran
                              I left a struggle behind
                              And faced the fear that's alive
                              I lost a world and traveled
                              Straight across from the sky
                              To find the gates of the heart

                              I come to sirius c
                              To learn from you friends of old
                              And wish to come into being
                              And behold I'm with you
                              I am ready now to go
                              The distance and even beyond
                              Recover all my forces
                              All the strength of the world
                              And feel the light into me

                              From the strength of god
                              We go to the power of goddess
                              This place is a throne
                              For brightness
                              The age of war is over

                              For god's sake
                              They have never heard of you
                              "You'll never reach
                              This master race"
                              Our force sickening
                              Killing the time
                              Human laws
                              Already slain many lives

                              There was a streak of madness
                              But now I know
                              I see its now the only truth
                              The scars in me are opened
                              Won't you please call me beyond

                              Crave affection love and courage
                              Being courageous
                              And flying instead of
                              Falling down
                              Follow these instructions
                              I've been given
                              In this dream awake

                              There is no goal to reach now
                              No complaint at all
                              Dolphins from upper space
                              Are in front of me
                              In present they dwell

                              This is my way
                              I've found my home
                              My state of real
                              There is no goal to reach
                              This is my way

                              So you're Gojira - From Mars... To Sirius?

                              Beastly sig by BoneKrusher

                              Super Bowl XLIV Champions
                              WHO DAT!


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                                Name: CJ
                                Age: 35
                                Occupation: Teacher/Administrator (Currently at the Middle School level)
                                Fav pro teams: Saints, 49ers, SF Giants, Yankees
                                College Team: USC, NSU
                                Pets: None

                                2 C 5:6-8 Jakob Murphy aka themaninblack



                                Debug Information