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    DQ is about to close for the year and we sometimes get free ish from them at work, ive got some ice cream related deliciousness in the freezer.


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      I just made a ham and swiss omelet


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        Originally posted by vikes_29 View Post
        WTF, paranormal activity? Who believes that ****?
        Think he means the movie, tripped me out too. Unless you already know this...


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          Originally posted by VoodooMonkey View Post
          I'll go with you!

          Nut up or shut up. The only demons you'll face are regret demons if you don't go get that pizza and cake.
          Well, that and the love handle demons. But those appear down the road. Don't even worry about them.
          I nuted out.. I couldn't sleep all night thinking some six nippled demon was going to yank me down the hallway and bite me in the ass.

          Originally posted by Jurrell Casey
          I love light skin and white women but my main chick is brown skin


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            If anyone has been to South Street in Philadelphia then familiarize yourself with Lorenzos Pizza. All throughout high school and even now, I still go with a buddy sometimes at 1 am. Never anytime after though. Doesn't seem worth it. Wendy's if it's still open when I'm hungry. But, depending on the night I may get a cheesesteak somewhere in Philly being I live 10 minutes out.


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              Went to the new late night hotspot in Madison, WI this weekend when I went back for Homecoming. It's unreal:




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