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    Originally posted by jayceheathman View Post
    Customers would say they want a certain vegetable on their sandwich and then change their mind and get mad at you for putting it on.
    So, this lady wants the onions that come on the sandwich (normally red onions) but gets mad at me for putting red onions on because she doesnt like red onions. When I was asking was veggies she wanted, she simply said "onions" not red or white. She wanted white onions, not red, then gets pissed that I didnt put on white onions. In my mind I was like, "*****, THE PICTURE BEHIND ME has red onions in it." Then she ends up complaining the rest of the time saying that I "didnt listen to what she wanted" or some ****. Whatever, the funniest thing was how many fat people came in and ate when, really, Subway is awful for you.

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      Worst job had to be a cook at a pizzeria when I was 17. The waitresses made it worth while, though.


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        I think my worst job was probably working at a huge book store, Borders. For someone like myself who likes to interact with people and talk, it was pretty much a job where you constantly have to alphabetize shelves of books (because people never put them back in the right spots) which was absolutely boring, and with minimal interaction with co-workers or customers.

        Not to mention doing magazine strips were brutal too. They had a HUGE magazine section there and any magazines they dont sell have to have the cover stripped off so they get credit for selling it and that probably meant stripping the magazine cover off about 300 or so magazines every week. Brutally boring.
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          I was an accountant for 12 months, that very nearly sucked the life out of me.


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            Originally posted by 7-11 View Post
            I was an accountant for 12 months, that very nearly sucked the life out of me.
            My parents only advice on a major for college, do not become an accountant. They are both CPA's.

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              Originally posted by Lions WMD View Post
              Anyone that has ever worked in fast food will have that as their worst job, guaranteed.
              I suppose working in the dishroom of a college cafeteria counts too.


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                Originally posted by dabears10 View Post
                My parents only advice on a major for college, do not become an accountant. They are both CPA's.
                Yeah the good thing was i did it in my first year of University and just took classes at night, good to know it was like death in an office before i finished a whole degree. And i rocked 38% efficiency for the entire year, was a pretty standup accountant that's for sure.


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                  Originally posted by Splat View Post
                  I was working at a pizza place and they called me in one day to help unload the truck and when I got done they fired me on the spot.

                  "Thanks for helping us out of a jam."

                  "Your fired..."

                  It was epic...
                  Probably because you confused your and you're (I had to do it, sorry).

                  My current job blows because there's either way too much heat/no air conditioning, we have to unload trucks all goddamn day, and we have no idea when we are going to actually get out. No set ending time trumps everything else.

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                    I don't mind my job. It's the only job I've ever had, but it's alright. I'm a cashier at a local grocery store. Most customers are pretty cool, and I really like the people I work with. I'm pretty good at it too, I just really don't wanna be a supervisor right now so I haven't applied for a promotion in like a year and a half. Oh, and plenty of good looking girls in my department.

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                    Originally posted by njx9
                    do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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                      This job wins. I used to handle this stuff when I worked at UPS, one time it leaked out of its package onto my buddy.


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                        I've had the same job for 9 years and I'm only 23. How's that for a resume builder once I get out of school?

                        What's up with all you Canadians working in the meat industry, aye?

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                          I worked at a strip-mall clothing store for a year. Easy but completely boring. I found ways to cope with the boredom. I could make 2 hours pass in a flash. It required an extreme kind of mindset. Screws with your head. Plus some customers are just damn weird. A positive from the job (aside from the money) is that I can make time pass when I need to, and I also can stand on my feet for long periods of time without problems.

                          I only ever had one bad customer interaction (there was another, but it wasn't really directed at me). Our managers were totally strict about greeting customers. So they had people standing at doors greeting. That was my job for one day. A guy comes up to me to ask if something was in the back while I was near the front greeting. I said I'd do it. Well I also needed to greet, and there was a lady with a baby carriage who had trouble getting through the door. I was waiting for her to get inside to greet her. Before I could the guy says "Don't worry about her, your job is me now, okay?" or something like that, sounding like a total dick. So I went back to look for it, absolutely fuming at him. I laughed it off, though. Turns out we didn't have what he wanted.

                          In retrospect I kind of see the reason why he said it - I was standing there for a couple seconds before I could turn to go to the back. But he didn't need to be such an asshole.

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                            so i was going door to door today and some old lady sent her dog after me, no joke. i have never jumped a fence so quickly in my life


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                              Originally posted by CJSchneider View Post
                              I was an assistant manager of a restaurant during college. Mind you I was already married and 25 with a child. There was this slutty 19 year old waitress that I refused to have anything to do with. She lied and told the owner that I had harassed her. Despite statements from other employees, the owner fired me for inappropriate manager-worker relations. The bastard fired me fired me 3 days before Christmas. Only later did I find out that the head manager had told the little trick that she was next in line for promotion to assistant manager. Friends later told me that the day she was promoted three quarters of the employees quit. Five days later she was fired for cussing out a customer. Go figure. All in all the job was pretty nice, but the manner in which I lost it made it my worst job ever.
                              I actually just got fired from a job for that exact reason. This kid "reported me" but I found out that a manager that didn't like me forced him to tell on me after I said I was going to kick his ass. I resigned from the company because of unfair treatment. They were jerks, and the job sucked.

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                                Originally posted by A Perfect Score View Post
                                I spent 6 months picking up pig and cow guys.
                                You would be into *** beastiality.



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