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    I was a bagger at a grocery store for like 3 months, it was awful.

    Now I'm a delivery guy for a sub place, and it's pretty fricken sweet. The tips are pretty decent and it's easy as hell.


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      I've loved every job I've ever had.

      1 year at Blockbuster Video
      2.5 years at FYE selling cds
      1.5 years selling and delivering BBQ grills for my dad
      3 months as a waiter
      4 and a half years as a Marine


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        I worked at a landscaping company the summer after my freshman year. besides working 60 hours a week of back-breaking labor, there was a guy that seriously resented me working there to put myself through college while he was working there as his full time job. everytime i got put on a crew with him, he spent the whole day yelling at me because he didn't think i was working hard enough. in retrospect, i'm pretty impressed with 1999 drowe's attitude. i just kept working...thinking i could work hard enough to shut this guy up. i think 2009 drowe would've made some smartass comment and slacked off just to get a reaction out of the guy.

        Anway, one day, another foreman noticed how badly this dude treated me and told the boss man, and i didn't have to work with the guy anymore..but, everytime he'd see me in the nursery he'd either chew me out for not working hard enough, or tell somebody else that he caught me doing something i wasn't supposed to do.

        really bad summer. i had to be in at 6:30 am...didn't get home until 7 pm. and, every day, i'd just eat and fall asleep on the couch. sunday's were my one day off and i just spent it dreading the fact that i had another 6 days of hell starting.


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          working with investment bankers.

          creepy serial killer personalities coworkers are not conducive to sleeping well.

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            Originally posted by drowe View Post
            i think 2009 drowe would've made some smartass comment and slacked off just to get a reaction out of the guy.
            I do that kind of crap at work because it's only a stop-gap between when I start student teaching.

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              best job ever was my first job.

              i grew up in Door County, a VERY touristy area of Wisconsin. When i was 13 i got hired (by my brother's friend's mom) to work as a housekeeper of a bed & breakfast. it had a large 'honeymoon clientel'....and let's just say i got a lot of sex ed there.

              -guests answering the door naked
              -edible body paint
              -whipped cream and fruit next to the bed and all over the bed sheets.
              -anal beads
              -and, the things these people could do to a hot tub. yikes.

              one of the weirdest things was, this one time, i went in to give a room a quick cleaning and a new set of towels while the couple was out...and, they had took all the pictures we had in the room down, and replaced them with pictures of jesus. also, they brought their own VCR and had a whole collection of VHS tapes relating to Nazis. real weird stuff.

              the owners of the place were a very strange homosexual couple. neither was overly flamboyant, but they were both incredibly rude to customers. they were a lot like the soup nazi from seinfeld. any complaints by a customer they felt was unwarrented, and they handed their money to 'em and told them to find somewhere else to stay. they didn't need to worry about repeat business as the place was very successful.


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                One of my 1st "real jobs" in an office environment with good salary was at the biggest US aerospace company.

                After < a yr. our upper mgr. commanded that 100% of the employees sign up for corporate ethics training, an oxymoron if I've ever heard one. 100% of the >200 employees in the dept. signed up for it b/c they knew that upper mgr. would lose bonus $ if they didnt & those who didn't complete it would be laid off. We all completed the course & signed Ethics Declarations.

                A month or so later our group mgr. called an All Hands meeting, thanked us for our ethics training participation, then took a poll on everyone's education levels & experience. Everyone with a degree or even more college hrs. or experience than he had got canned. In that world they were threats to his upward mobility. Cardboard boxes were in short supply that Friday morning (mass firings always happen on a Friday). That's corporate ethics in the real world.

                The 50-hr/wk. job I had with a landscaping company in college at minimum wage that was basically digging ditches in the broiling Texas sun was more ethical & less stressful than that one.

                I had another aerospace tech writer job in the 80s in Austin, best job ever in a city I absolutely loved, I got the highest annual review rating of any writer in the group & a huge 10% raise. 5 mos. later the company was stupid enough to go into litigation with the customer who was the US Govt, the Justice Dept. NEVER loses in court. The attys. got all the profits, & I was the 1st one laid off in my dept. in the 1st group of 50, followed by 100 the next wk, 150 the following wk, etc. I asked why me? & was told b/c I gave you too big a raise. My friends all called me at home that weekend asking what the severance pkg. was, when they discovered it was 4 figs, they volunteered to be laid off next before the $ ran out. Lessons learned: never be the most obvious overachiever or underachiever, there's safety in the big middle of employees who do little or nothing & the mgmt doesnt remember your face or name.
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                  None of my jobs have been that bad. The worst was probably fedex, where I kept getting hit in the head and almost got my leg cut off. I was going to school at the time so I would work until 3 or 4 and then have class at like 9:30 which sucked. But physically I was in great shape and the people I worked with were fun.


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                    Originally posted by Lions WMD View Post
                    Anyone that has ever worked in fast food will have that as their worst job, guaranteed.
                    Just about.

                    I did work in a bindery for awhile. That wasn't fun. 10 hour days at the end of a press, collecting stacks of books or magazines as they shot out of the machine every 10 or so seconds. Then you have to stack them, wrap them, box them, & do the next bunch over and over. It paid good so I put up with it for a summer but i couldnt do it anymore, i felt my brain dieing.


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                      Originally posted by The Peefs View Post
                      ... i felt my brain dieing.
                      Looks like it killed of those cells reserved for spelling. ;)

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                        Originally posted by CJSchneider View Post
                        Looks like it killed of those cells reserved for spelling. ;)
                        Something must have went after your grammar related cells ;)

                        Ok so it was a cheapo. But you opened the gate Mr!


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