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    because im english under the age of 16 we play 5 aside where you have your QB, C and then you can have what else you want. Last defensive game of the season i had 16 solo tackles 5 assists, 6 sacks and 3 FF.....that was pretty much the entire defenses statistics, fond memories before my footballing career took a downward spiral, been out for a year and could be out for 3 more because of injury :(


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      i took a massive shot in backyark football over the weekend...busted lip everywhere and I feel like I'm one bad move away from breaking my nose...


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        2007 Daytona 500 was maybe the greatest night of my life

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          The greatest sports memories for me were the One yard short super bowl which the Rams won and the 06 world series when the Cards won.

          Saddest memories were Super Bowl 36, I hate Adam Vinatieri I am glad u have a broken pelvis or whatever has u injured. Also the NFC Championship game Vikings against the Falcons. When the Rams suck, like this year and that year I secretly start cheering for the teams around me aka the Vikings and Packers, plus I really like Randy Moss and he makes me hate the Pats a little less, so when the Vikings lost that game I was sad.

          Playing wise: I know this is really sad, but my biggest accomplishment playing is prolly from 5th grade where my career pitching line is 1 IP, 0 H, O R, O ER, 0 BB, 1 K, 0.00 ERA. Take that I have a perfect pitching line, granted one of the 2 ground outs was to right field and we got a really slow runner out at first and I am pretty sure my strikeout was a kid who is slightly mentally disabled, but hey don't judge.


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            Originally posted by killxswitch View Post
            The 2006 AFC Championship Game was the best thing I've ever watched on TV, ever.
            I remember that. Mostly because I was at a bar & grill with friends who do not watch football or sports in general. That was very awkward.


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              Originally posted by JBCX
              Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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                I was lucky enough to meet Rick Monday when I was in HS. He was friends with our baseball coach and came by for several practices.

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                  Originally posted by yodapoop View Post
                  The greatest sports memories for me were the One yard short super bowl which the Rams won
                  That was the worse god d*mn moment. Not as bad as being up 3-0 and losing a baseball series but still bad

                  Originally posted by bearsfan_51
                  Show me your Wang, if you will.


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                    The greatest non Lion sports memories for me were the One yard short super bowl. I was in literal awe of the epic-ness of what I just saw. The MOST jaw dropping moment in all of sport period.

                    Greatest Lions moment is when Barry made Charles Woodson tear his own ACL that was awesome.

                    Playing wise: I guess it was that fumble recovery that I got in my last time playing HS football. I rarely get to see the field so it was a particularly happy moment for me and my team mates.
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                    Originally posted by njx9
                    oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


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                      I'm 22, so I was born and bread in the world of Brett Favre since my entire Wisconsin family bleeds Green and Gold. The Packers played the New England Patriots in the 1st preseason game in 1996. Which was also the same year they beat the Patriots a couple months later in the Superbowl.

                      Anyways, after the game I was lucky enough to go into the locker room. With my kids XL (chubby child) Brett Favre jersey and Packer hat, I was able to get autographs from Reggie White, Desmond Howard, Robert Brooks, and THE Brett Favre.

                      Favre handed me back the newly signed jersey and said, "that #4 is pretty good eh kid?"

                      I've loved him ever since, and when he came to Lambeau and obliterated my emotions, feelings, and hope as a Packer fan...I thought, how is it possible I can love and hate someone so much at the same time. Haha, best moment of my sports life was back then in that locker room in 2nd grade.


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                        I hit for the cycle in little league one year, it was machine pitch and I was like 7 and it probably wasn't actually a homer, I'm sure the infielders just dinked it around like a bunch of idiots, but my game ball that I got said HR, 3B, 2B, 1B, and the triple was totally legit, so wooo me.


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                          Originally posted by CJSchneider View Post

                          I was lucky enough to meet Rick Monday when I was in HS. He was friends with our baseball coach and came by for several practices.
                          Rick Monday, you made a great play

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