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  • Official Halloween horror film thread

    Nominate your faves you want to see this Halloween wk. to scare yourself silly. Pls. comment & offer other films for our posters to rent.

    Let's take a genre approach here. I'll go 1st with my favorites, vampire films:

    Shadow of the Vampire --
    Wm. Dafoe got an Oscar nomination for his role as Max Shrek (means Maximum Fear in English) in the making of Murnau's Nosferatu, itself one of the scariest silent films ever made

    The Lost Boys -- Major cult film box office success filmed in Santa Cruz, CA, "Murder Capital of the US," really campy with lots of subtle humor, Jim Morrison iconography, creepy atmosphere, & a killer rock soundtrack. It made Jason Patric, an underrated actor, a real star.

    30 Days of Night -- Vamps invade Barrow, AK where there's no sun for a month. Stars Josh Hartnett & John Huston's son Tony as the vampire pack leader. Very gory with everything shot against show-white background for stark contrast, almost a B&W movie.

    Bram Stoker's Dracula -- One of Coppolla's best & most beautifully imagistic films, very Victorian atmosphere, female characters depicted like Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Gary Oldman gives one of the best Draculas ever, lots of vamp nudity & fiercely erotic scenes in the Director's Cut. Keanu Reeves & Winona Ryder did terrible English accents & mucked it up badly.

    Interview With the Vampire -- There's a good reason Anne Rice took out that full-pg ad in VARIETY protesting the casting of of Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt in this film, they suck (no pun intended). A very young Kirsten Dunst is great, & the awesome cinematography redeems it, the scenes in NOLA with the French Qtr. fire & the Paris Grand Guignol theater scenes are fantastic, Antonio Banderas also miscast though. Very close to Rice's 1976 book. Christian Slater is wasted as the reporter here.

    Salem's Lot ('79) -- With David Soul.Very close to Stephen King's novel, btw my personal fave among his many works.
    Inferior to :
    Salem's Lot (04) -- Rob Lowe's arguably best performance as the protagonist. Great supporting cast featuring Donald Sutherland & Andre Braugher.
    Rutger Hauer as the master vampire, got it right 2nd time around. 1st time was:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- Joss Whedon's prequel to TV series, best vamp parody film ever, Polanski's Fearless Vampire Killers is a close 2nd. Whedon, a 3rd generation screenwriter, is just pure genius, see Firefly/Serenity & Dollhouse & you'll see what I mean. Paul Rubens should have been Oscar nominated for his vamp sidekick role, his comic death scene replayed at the end like a blooper reel.

    There are lots more, Halloween is Saturday, so fire away & have fun.

    Edit: Do NOT rent Van Helsing. You will want your rental fee & 2 hrs of your life back. Too much CG & elaborate stunts mar this forever, not even Kate Beckinsale in a tight leather corset can save it.... I could say the same for her in the Underworld films too.
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    You said Halloween but I'll I heard was candy candy candy...


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      what is halloween


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        American Psycho. My go to movie during Halloween.

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          I thought Van Helsing was good. What is with you people over examining movies?!!! take them for what they are! Some people like acting (most of this board) and some people like over the top effects(me). That being said the original 13 ghost scares me, even though the effects are bad (but what eva it was shot in the 50's).

          I would give The Messengers a try. I don't what people on here think about it but I thought it was pretty scary.

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            Anything with boobs.
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              Originally posted by VoodooMonkey View Post
              Anything with boobs.
              Attack of the killer boobs?


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                Originally posted by Splat View Post
                Attack of the killer boobs?
                You have no idea.

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                You are just a terrible person.
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                  George Romero's "Dead" series is always good. If you haven't seen the original Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, then check them out. There's plenty of action, and unlike a ton of horror films the story is well written. Same thing with Day of the Dead too, but that's a little slow.

                  The Phantasm series is brilliant. If you want your mind ******, then rent, or buy if you're a super genius like myself, the series. The second movie just got released in the U.S. on DVD so yay!

                  The original Nightmare on Elm Street was one of the best horror movies ever. In traditional Hollywood fashion they're going to **** it up by having a damn remake soon. So it's best to watch what really started before Hollywood turns Freddy into a metal listening child molester.

                  The Orphanage is a Spanish movie about a woman who lives with her son and husband in a house that used to be her old orphanage. I won't say more, but it's really good on atmosphere. There aren't many cheap scares, so I recommend it to anyone wanting to be scared.

                  Ginger Snaps is an independent Canadian horror movie, and it comes on IFC this week. It's about two sisters in high school that are pretty close and weird. One is obsessed with death, and she gets attacked by a werewolf at night. Well Ginger, that's her name, starts turning into a werewolf, and the movie is about the changes she goes through, and how her sister is reacting to it.

                  With the Friday the 13th series you know what you're going to get. It's a way to see people get murdered in some sick, twisted, and creative ways. It's a guilty pleasure of mine because I don't like most of the crap that followed in it's vein. You shouldn't rent these movies, because they're cheaper to buy. If you know where to look, you can find them for 3-7 dollars.

                  The Saw series is the 2000's Friday the 13th, but with more structured story telling. There's always a little nugget of wisdom in the midst of the crazy killings. Like Friday the 13th, you can find Saw for really cheap so you should buy it instead of renting.

                  Halloween 1 & 2 are really the only good movies of the series. The rest are just nostalgia, and Rob Zombie should be punched in the face for his -10 movies. Just stick with Halloween 1 & 2 if you want good movies. If you want cheap kills then watch 4-Resurrection.

                  Some others to check out are Dog Soldiers, It, Evil Dead 1 & 2, Suspiria and it's sequel Inferno, Candyman, The Descent, and Dawn of the Dead 2004.

                  The big thing with horror is that you have to sift through some real crap before you get to the good stuff. A lot of the really good ones are indy films. There isn't a big studio to mess with the director's vision.
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                    The Lost Boys is one of my favorites.

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                          The Return of the Living Dead
                          An American Werewolf in London
                          Fright Night
                          Friday 6 Jason Lives
                          Nightmare 1
                          Ginger Snaps
                          High Tension
                          Trick 'r Treat is a cool new halloween movie, I really dig it.
                          Taking a Knapp.


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                            I will probably watch one of Rec or Let the Right One In. I have both sitting in front of me and haven't watched either yet.


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                              Let the Right One In was a snooze fest. Not scary.
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