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Movies about suburban sprawl (and exurbs)

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  • Movies about suburban sprawl (and exurbs)

    There are a few more movies now about the recession, but are there any that really deal with all the exurbs and ridiculous building farther and farther out from cities, and the awkward situations after the crash? Sometimes it was out into a desert, sometimes out into woods or good farmland, but I'm kind of interested in all these "metropolitan" areas taking up more and more space. Sometimes for big estates, sometimes for mass developments or condos.

    There's a fine line between where the really rich live and the sticks. I like the country, born and raised in a rural town and now in a big city. But things have been muddled (Woodcrest Estates and exclusive golf courses, or Panera next to big ammonia tanks and International dealers, and places with dial-up). Or how about a movie about the long-time residents that had all these new buyers moving in and lots of foreclosures?
    DeAngelo Hall looks like James Harden.

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