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  • Kudos to Josh Cribbs,202608

    did'nt know If I should put this here or in the NFL

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    Go Cribbs. Love hearing these kinds of stories.
    Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

    Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
    Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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      Good stuff.


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        I do love these kinds of stories.

        Originally posted by fenikz
        His soft D really turns me off
        ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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          It's a small gesture, but it says a lot about the character of Cribbs. He apparently didn't feel the need to talk about it publicly; this happened Oct. 30 and, as far as I can tell, yesterday's report in the Akron Beacon Journal is the first it's been mentioned. Similarly, Drake's mother is quoted in the piece as saying that Cribbs took great pains to underplay his presence at the game for fear of taking away the spotlight from Michael and the other seniors. This shows a humility that other professional football players could sometimes stand to emulate.
          That's almost as good to hear as the gesture itself.


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            Das nice.........

            <+fenikz> "**** the Police, ride my fischstache bitches"


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              give the man a dam contract extension Browns or trade him to a good team


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                I'll be honest, I teared up a little.

                Originally posted by Scott Wright
                Don't be a stranger. Jordyzzzz would want you to stick around. ;o)

                Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy


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                  awesome story.

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                  Originally posted by fenikz
                  we all hate you


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                    Originally posted by tjsunstein View Post
                    That's almost as good to hear as the gesture itself.

                    That was my favorite part of the article, very nice gesture in itself, good stuff.

                    Originally posted by Scott Wright
                    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                      what a class act


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                        Classy! I knew there was good in football players.

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                        Originally posted by ImBrotherCain
                        You are just a terrible person.
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                        I have an iPhone.


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                          We just learned about public relations in class the other day. Good move Mr. Cribbs.




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