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  • Scotty needs help

    To all my...comrades(?) at SWDC, I come to you, with a problem. I first am thinking, is it weird to ask important advice from people on a messageboard? Obviously, it is not and that blasphemous thought is now gone. SO, here's my situation: (keep in mind, I **** the bed this semester in terms of grades and realizing you have to actually do work at college...)

    As some of you know, I was thinking of majoring in sports management. I then realized there are very few career opportunities in Sports Management, but I always just wanted to try, because sports...they be my life man.
    SOO then I decided recently to try and switch to education, probably a social sciences/history teacher (like law, government, econ, sociology etc). People tell me I'm good with kids (insert the pedo joke here), and I can also coach at 3-5 different sports (vast knowledge, I know). So I thought, I'll switch to education blah blah blah, enter the 5 year Graduate program and be good to go. But then today, I got an email from a dean I talked to a while ago. He was a sports management major back in the day, and teaches some select courses at RU. I inquired and emailed him a while ago about his class on Sports in American Culture (cool class, right?). He emails me today saying it's been opened and filled 3 times over the last few weeks, and kids recieved his syllabus and dropped out. So he said I'm next in line, sending me the special permission number. Oh, and it's a 300 level course...

    SO here's my plans in my head:

    a) keep trying with sports management, take this course and see what happens

    b) switch to education, tell him I'm not interested some **** and forget the whole thing. Or say it's too hard, or maybe later on at RU if I can. Focus on getting my GPA up with 100 level core classes.

    c) switch to education, but still take the class. It sounds like a cool class and a rare opportunity to take it. It's worth credits and could be cool.

    So, my lovers at SWDC, what say you? You wise, beautiful people.
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    take the course and see what happens

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      Stick with what you have for now. I don't know what the Rutgers requirements look like, but if you have some General Ed classes you have to take, start with the histories and poli sci to set yourself up with those. Worst case, you can switch over next year with only a little hit. See what you like, and see what to do.

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        Option C, with the chance at returning to Option A if it goes well.
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          I could be wrong, but I'm thinking b or c. Maybe sports management is legit, I'm not sure. What do you plan on doing with it?


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            Option B would be the way to go, whether that's what you want to hear or not. No need to throw money away at courses you're not capable of taking at the moment, unless you know someone who has taken it and would still recommend it for you at this stage. Take the course in a year or so and focus on getting your GPA up because as we all know GPA is everything. Personally, I'd switch to education.
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              If the option to have one of those subjects as a minor do that if you want.


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                D) Sack up and do both.


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                  I think you should stick with sports management, just cause you don't get a job in what you majored in doesn't mean you fail at life. A lot of businesses will hire you just because they know that you had the motivation to get off your ass and get a degree, regardless of what you majored in.

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                    FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, SCOTTY

                    C seems like the smartest option imo

                    i def wouldnt give up on sports management completely

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                      The general consensus I've heard is that a sport management degree, by itself, is largely useless. That said, if you're willing to work to do the due diligence and get yourself involved in sports as soon as possible (at a school like Rutgers, that shouldn't be that hard), having that sort of degree will look good.

                      It's really your call. It's not like an education degree is a catapult to wealth or job security anyway. If you want to take the risk, do it.

                      Then again, I'm a music major, so most people would tell you I'm an idiot.


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                        Originally posted by 619 View Post
                        Option B would be the way to go, whether that's what you want to hear or not. No need to throw money away at courses you're not capable of taking at the moment, unless you know someone who has taken it and would still recommend it for you at this stage. Take the course in a year or so and focus on getting your GPA up because as we all know GPA is everything. Personally, I'd switch to education.
                        I agree 100% with you. Scotty, I believe you're a freshman like I am, and right now my goal is to try and get a variety of classes (im undecided at a liberal arts school) while keeping my gpa up. It would be to our advantage because as we progress through college the classes will get harder (from what I have heard). Starting off with a strong GPA is a nice cushion is only to your benefit. I would maybe take the class down the road, but what I am doing is taking the year to get some of my gen eds out of the way and seeing what it is I like best.

                        And as far as sports management goes, what all can you do with that type of degree? If you want to be an agent, maybe something along the lines of a business degree with a sports management minor? Or go to law school and get into contractual law? Both have uses outside of just the sports management field if it doesnt pan out.

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                          I would go with C and see what happens. You never know. With education you can still go the route of Athletics Director at a university and still be involved with sports. A lot of them make some pretty good money. Most of them just get a masters in education.


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                            At the end of the day you have to do what you love. You love sports. Go with your gut on this one.

                            It isn't like you can't go back to school if this doesn't turn out the way you want, but you'll never know what could have been unless you go for it. Happiness is more important than anything else, especially at something you feasibly want to do for the rest of your life.

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                              I could go with C - It seems like the option that is most to your benefit.

                              A crazy sidenote here.. We seem to have the same mindset. I wanted to major in Sports Management, but after figuring out that there are not many opportunities to get jobs in this career, I'm deciding to switch to education (history, elementary, physical)

                              Also, I talked to a Sports Management teacher at a local college and she said that you're most likely going to start off very low on the spectrum and have to move your way up. She said she knew someone who worked with the Buffalo Bills for free for two years, just to get a job there.

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