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    If anyone can help, it would be great but no expectations here.

    So here is the Sit-tu....

    I have this old comp that I use downstairs, and its like 8 years old (laptop Dell). Running XP.

    Has no HD space left, I do with what I can.

    Anyways, I always have to do manual microsoft updates. This is why. If I do an automatic update and let it install by itself, after the computer restarts, IE and firefox stop working.

    I can then go do system restore, and manually install updates, restart, and IE still works.

    Here is what happened, I think my roomate let Auto do the updates. Well, System Restore I think was running out of space, and it deleted my last restore point. I can't seem to scroll back to Feb for some reason.

    And I can't seem to get any restore point to work at all. No matter what IE won't work.

    Anyone ever heard of this issue with Automatic Updates knocking out IE?

    Anybody got any tips so I can fix this, and make a new restore point? Or should I just trash the damn thing?

    When the laptop works, its really not all that bad. Streams IE, Slingbox really well and thats about the extent of what I use it for.

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    Right off, if its only being used minimally like you state restore it completely fresh and start over.

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      I don't have the XP reboot CD

      and System Restore will only scroll back to March 2010.

      That's why I can't get it to restore to the previous created restore point because it was made in Feb 2010.

      The computer was working fine up until yesterday, but like I said no restore point seems to work except the one that I had made (which I cant seem to scroll to now).


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        You should be able to remove the update.

        Go to Add/Remove Programs and check the box "Show Updates".

        It should show a list of the updates and will show the dates they were installed. This should allow you to remove the problem updates.

        Need more details for the IE and Firefox problem. Do the programs themselves not open at all? Or is there no connectivity once they open. Not sure I will be able to help as I've never heard of that type of problem before but it's worth a shot right?

        Let me know how you go removing the updates and whether that fixes it.

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          Wog's right. Also if it's eight years old you might wanna buy a new harddrive and just replace a few parts to make it run a little better.

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