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Happy birthday D-unit!

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  • Happy birthday D-unit!

    Happy Birthday, enjoy your day, have a blast!

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    Pick the Winners Champion 2008 | 2011


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      Hau'oli lā hānau


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        Happy birthday old fart.

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        Originally posted by ImBrotherCain
        You are just a terrible person.
        Originally posted by bigbluedefense
        I have an iPhone.


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          how old are you now...30. Time for you, CJ and The Dude to make a old mans SWDC club.


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            i wuvzzz you D!


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              Have a good one man. Happy b-day to one of the most well respected Cowboy fans on here.
              "If you have one finger pointing at somebody, you have three pointing towards yourself."
              ~Nigerian Proverb

              Da riddum is too much for you.


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                Happy b-day my man ! Have a good one !




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                  D-Unot! :D
                  my scent? making love to a lumberjack
                  <TACKLE> i will ngata give you a bj raji
                  <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
                  <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
                  Originally posted by Hermstheman83
                  What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                    Happy happy joy joy...


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                      Happy B'Day D!


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                        D, I am terribly sorry I did not send you a birthday wish in that PM I sent you.
                        Anywho, hope it's a good one!

                        Originally Posted by scottyboy
                        my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
                        But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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                          Happy Birthday!

                          Originally posted by fenikz
                          His soft D really turns me off
                          ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                            Originally posted by bhaarat316 View Post
                            how old are you now...30. Time for you, CJ and The Dude to make a old mans SWDC club.
                            Hey now... :(

                            I'm sure that there are more people north of 30 than just us 3: Lizard State?, Seniormysterio?

                            Anyhow, Happy Bday & welcome to the "Old Man's Club"!
                            Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
                            Thanks jerks, I have an exam tomorrow and reading this lowered my IQ by 14 points. Dicks.


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                              congrats, D.

                              Here's your own video game!

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                              I remember NFLDC
                              don't tell anyone, but Charlie Casserly is a dope fiend



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