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    Originally posted by Brent View Post
    vans + dark washed Gap jeans + vintage Niners/Giants shirt or v-neck = 90% of my casual wardrobe.
    Doesnt get any gayer than a v-neck. I just could not wear one, personally. I'm no Daniel Tosh. Never been a fan of those v-necks.

    Thanks BoneKrusher^ (the man)


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      I basically just wear T-shirts and cargo shorts. My T-shirts are either plain kinda stuff, band shirts, or team shirts. When it's colder, I'll wear long sleeve T-shirts and jeans. I might wear a polo when I go out. I have some dress shirts and ties from when I needed them for work, so I can dress up if I have to.
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        Nothing says sophisticated and down to earth like:

        or maybe a nice Tshirt


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          Originally posted by SwagU View Post
          I personally love Lacoste running shoes, both low cut and high tops. They got a more classier look to them then just some Nikes or Addidas, and they can go well with anything.
          My boy here knows where it's at. You can wear 'em anywhere, really. Be willing to spend the extra cash on your wardrobe, it pays dividends in the long run.


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            Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

            Originally posted by fenikz
            His soft D really turns me off
            ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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              how to dress like CCB (summer months):



              But most importantly you need...

              A panda hat

              Comfort over everything! (And I still get ass mothafuckaaaaaaaaz!)
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                Originally posted by Charm City Byrdgang View Post
                (And I still get ass mothafuckaaaaaaaaz!)
                No one cares about your escapades on craigslist...


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                    function > fashion
                    Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
                    Thanks jerks, I have an exam tomorrow and reading this lowered my IQ by 14 points. Dicks.


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                      Originally posted by aLARGEtopHat View Post
                      I like wieners so ill participate.. Most of this is decent advice in my opinion. Commence the hatred.

                      "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."

                      Agree with most of this...

                      Not a fan of Khakis, they just scream old, married and with kids. I honestly don't know anyone my age who wears them, not the most or least fashionable people I know.

                      Also... not a fan of the jackets, it may just be a Perth thing but anytime I see a guy in one of those it just screams douche. Normally some kind of pathetic emo haircut goes with it, because lets be honest, it has never once been cold enough in Perth in the last 25 years to justify wearing a jacket like that and you have to be a complete douche or masochistic to want to wear one. I guess they can get a pass in cold weather, but still look douchey as all hell, I've never been any place that was cold enough that a decent sweater and jeans didn't do the trick.

                      I for some reason can't buy cheap shoes. The lowest I will spend on shoes is like $60. I just recently bought a pair of Nike Free's that I didn't even need and spent $85 on them.
                      Man that is not expensive. The cheapest pair of shoes I own is my work shoes that cost $175 and I don't even consider myself to have expensive taste in shoes. Actually take that back... my Havaianas didn't cost that much, they were only $40!

                      Personally I'm very much about comfort, got my designer shirts and shoes for heading out in, you basically can't get into any pubs/clubs here in anything less than dress shoes(general rule is if it has laces you aren't coming in), but about the only time I'll wear Jeans is to head to a pub, normally T-Shirt guy or Polo. Don't mind suiting up for a night out, pretty much guaranteed to pick up in a suit. But in general a pair of boardies or loose fitting shorts and a singlet will do me fine, tshirt if I'm headed somewhere a bit classier, Polo if I'm headed somewhere really classy. If I can wear thongs(Flip flops) I will basically.

                      Props to BK on the sig!


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                        Originally posted by M.O.T.H. View Post
                        Doesnt get any gayer than a v-neck. I just could not wear one, personally. I'm no Daniel Tosh. Never been a fan of those v-necks.
                        there is a difference between one in which the v goes down to my ribcage and one that does not.

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                          Originally posted by M.O.T.H. View Post
                          Doesnt get any gayer than a v-neck. I just could not wear one, personally. I'm no Daniel Tosh. Never been a fan of those v-necks.

                          You sure about that?


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                            V-necks are pretty ***. Gonna agree there.


                            Originally posted by JordanTaber
                  's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                              Originally posted by Rob S View Post
                              Yeah, shoes are dress shoes. Nice dress shoes are worth spending the coin on, especially if you are going into/in business in NYC. Unfortunately, so much of the business world is about how you look.
                              Yeah I know what you mean. I bought a pair of black slip on dress shoes, man these are the best I have worn. They are super light and ohh so soft inside, stand in them all day and it won't hurt when you take them off. I spent $100 on them from Men's Ware House, I looked around a few places before I found these.


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                                Originally posted by Chucky View Post
                                I used to not really put much thought or money into what I wear, but in the past two years or so I have really put a lot of cash into what I wear.

                                I generally wear a really nice pair of jeans and then some T with either a band, movie or tv show on it( I have a bunch of dead, lebowski and seinfeld shirts).

                                When going out I will usually wear a pair of black or dark jeans(again willing to spend a good amount of money for a good pair of jeans) with a nice button down.

                                Shoes I'll usually wear Jordans during the day and then black leather shoes if going out.

                                and suits wise(even though I dont often wear one haha) my grandfather insists on buying me a custom tailored and made suit which is pretty dope I guess.

                                But ya...I definately find it worth it

                                Do this. When you wear a suit that fits you good and make you feel awesome trust me you'll love wearing it. Try for slim fit suit, but either way tailored suits are awesome. Get a tailored shirt first and you'll see what I mean, it fits you perfectly to a T.



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