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  • Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to me!

    T-Rich, your team is going down this weekend.

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    So much fail in here, for being a cheap ass, and for making your own birthday thread.


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      Sorry, but I don't believe you. Unless the bottom of the forum index says so, it's not your birthday.

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      Originally posted by A Perfect Score
      If a girl is sucking me off, and I look down and shes beating off a **** of her own, I am absolutely going to tell her to stop. 100% of the time. Explain that ****.


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        I ******* hate you.

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          Lol, wow, Even an admin wouldn't make their own birthday thread. (nothing mean meant by this)

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          Originally posted by ImBrotherCain
          You are just a terrible person.
          Originally posted by bigbluedefense
          I have an iPhone.


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            I once started my own birthday thread. Granted, another poster on here has the same birthday as I do, so I started our birthday thread (Seis de Mayo, which kinda is lame timing.), so it was half of one. Now that my nice little story is done, happy birthday jay.



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