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So you want to storm the field?

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  • So you want to storm the field?

    Not sure if this should go in Off Topic or the College Football Thread.

    I am a big Wisconsin Badger fan. Tonight, we upset the #1 team in the nation and the fans ran onto the field. While I was excited about the big win, I was less than thrilled when the fans ran out there. This made me think of coming up with a list of reasons for storming the field.

    1. The opponent is ranked number one in the nation
    2. The opponent is ranked in the top 5
    3. Your team is at least 14 point underdog
    4. The win clinches a conference title or BCS bid
    5. The game is won on a dramatic, last second play

    In my opinion if the game has at least 3 of the above criteria, it is acceptable for fans to storm the field. If it doesn't, the fans are just looking for an excuse to run out there.

    Am I too critical or am I omitting other things that should be on this list?

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    Wisconsin has not beat OSU in awhile and not at all under Bielema. OSU was #1 we jumped out to a 21-0 lead and won by a decent amount 31-18. I don't see what the big deal is.

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      i think if you beat the number 1 team, storming the field is okay.

      must have been a great time being there
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        rush the field and stab someone!

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          I just think the game has to be a bit more intense to do it than that. That game was fairly comfortable for the most part.

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            I think it really depends on the game and the swing of emotions in it. I've only done it twice. One was 07 when Stanford beat Cal, because Stanford was awful and we lost to Cal for like the last 3-4 years. It was an upset against our biggest rival. The other one was last year against Oregon. They were #8 and just beat #5 Usc. The emotions of the game were crazy with Oregon almost scoring at will and by the end of the game the emotions boiled over into rushing the field.

            It really depends on expectations. If you a great program then it really has to be a great game or something, but if your team sucks then beating a top 25 team is a big deal. Beating the #1 team is always reason to rush if you feel like it.

            Last week vs Usc some Stanford fans rushed the field when we barely won even though we were 10 point favorites. I didn't get it but whatever.

            Originally posted by ElectricEye View Post
            I just think the game has to be a bit more intense to do it than that. That game was fairly comfortable for the most part.
            Yes, intensity really plays a big part.

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              I think there should certainly be a 6th criteria of being a big rival as beating a #1 ranked rival on a big play would certainly be enough even if you weren't 14 point underdogs or it didn't clinch anything.

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                #4 - did it, rode the goal post across the field and helped drag it out of the stadium and down to a local pub.

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                  It sucks they don't let them tear down goal posts any more.
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                    I stormed the field at Camp Randall in 2003. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It just felt right. Night game, national TV, against the defending national champ. pouring rain the whole game. won on a long pass to Lee Evans.

                    It really never felt planned. I was in the middle of the student section...there was no talk amongst the crowd of storming the field..but, when the clock hit 0:00, it was on.


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                      There are no rules. I storm the field whenever the **** I want.

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                        Need to take into consideration collective intoxication of fanbase and general suckiness of the home team. Both of these factors are relevant in the case of Ole Miss and this has led to the administration assigning pissed off ex-Rebel football players to guard the student section, but going back to my second point we aren't goo enough to pull of an upset so they have nothing to worry about.


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                          Eww when i played high school football they did this for both games we won. One ended a 7 game losing streak and another was won on a last second td. I approved of neither. disrespectful. that, the gatorade shower and the drive home safely chant need to be thrown away.

                          this coming from a guy who posed in south dakota in front of their fat coyote logo with my 4x400 teammates after we won conference in their home stadium. They won the overall team title, but our 4x4 did work.

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                            ****, at Arizona we rush the field basically every game. In fact, they just built a wall to try and stop us from rushing the field like idiots (i.e. Arizona vs. Oregon last year).


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                              In 2003 Missouri beat Nebraska for the first time in 25+ years, Unbelievable game, Mizzou fans stormed the field.

                              I remember one of the Nebraska players punched out a fan who ran onto the field, One Missouri player was there to help the young man up, the one, the only.....Brad Smith.



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