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WTF are my student loans?

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  • WTF are my student loans?

    So I go to pay some of my Unsub Stafford loans today... One problem: my loans get bought and sold by different companies so often, I can't find who the hell to pay. I mean, I have the latest letter from the supposed latest dice, my loans aren't there anymore. One of the companies listed their website, but I go to the website, and it doesn't even ******* exist. How ****** up is this system? Anyone know where to go to find out where your loans are?

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    Why are your loans getting bought and sold by other companies?

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      I just got a letter from the same Stafford load informing me where it switched to, maybe it's coming in your mail?

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        Can you go online to your college site and find student info system and go to financial status or something like that?

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          Originally posted by Ness View Post
          Why are your loans getting bought and sold by other companies?
          you can sell loans on the expectation that someone will fail to pay their loans, thus you make money on collecting those unpaid loans. this is partly how our housing market crashed

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