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  • Originally posted by bored of education View Post
    I want the Bulls to draft a hybrid athletic 3/4 and obviously an SG please
    Beasley interest you?


    Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


    • Originally posted by prock View Post
      Beasley interest you?
      If the Bulls trade for someone, it sure in hell won't be Beasley. I doubt Thibs would even want him anyway, since he probably wouldn't listen to him.


      • My first big board...not much of a follower of the draft but I'll probably make a final mock draft during my NFL Draft withdrawal period:

        BIG BOARD

        1. PG Kyrie Irving, Duke

        2. SF Derrick Williams, Arizona

        3. C Enes Kanter, Turkey

        4. PG Brandon Knight, Kentucky

        5. PF Donatas Motiejunas, Lithuania

        6. PF Jan Vesely, Czech Republic

        7. PF Bismack Biyombo, Spain

        8. PF Tristan Thompson, Texas

        9. PG Kemba Walker, Connecticut

        10. SF Chris Singleton, Florida St.

        11. SF Kawhi Leonard, San Diego St.

        12. PF Jonas Valanciunas, Lithuania

        13. SG Alec Burks, Colorado

        14. PF Markieff Morris, Kansas

        15. PG Jimmer Fredette, Brigham Young


        • MY BIG BOARD - Top 12

          1. Kyrie Irving, PG, Duke
          2. Enes Kanter, PF/C, Kentucky (Turkey)
          3. Brandon Knight, PG, Kentucky
          4. Derrick Williams, F, Arizona
          5. Kawhi Leonard, SF, San Diego State
          6. Klay Thompson, SG, Washington State
          7. Donatas Motiejunas, F, Lithuania
          8. Kemba Walker, PG, UCONN
          9. Alec Burks, SG, Colorado
          10. Chris Singleton, F, Florida State
          11. Jonas Valanciunas, C, Lithuania
          12. Jan Vessley, F, Czech Republic

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          • Originally posted by SeanTaylorRIP View Post
            The comparison is thrown around because they are both from Congo, played in Spain, blew up at the hoops summit but Ibaka is a pretty good comparison for Biyombo. At the highest level in the ACB last year Biyombo was already a huge impact player. Massive wingspan, great shot blocker, great athlete, intense rebounder. He's just as raw as Ibaka offensively though maybe even more although his jump shot has decent form and he has a decent handle. I think he'd be a great complement to Monroe just as I had Faried mocked to you a few months back before I began to realize just how short he was. If the Pistons do end up with Biyombo would be interesting to see how he reacts to probably being given Ben Wallace expectations.
            Biyombo would be a good pick for Detroit. If he's not there I would assume Tristan Thompson gets a long look and Givony said that there's a lot of Valanciunas fans in their front office. Leonard (or Vesely, but I don't think he's there) could be a surprise pick as well if the team isn't comfortable with Daye at SF, I don't see Prince returning and Jerebko has beefed up a bit.


            • Why is everyone so high on brandon knight?

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              “They have one guy, he’s pretty short. But he can go out and play. He can be a little aggravating too.’’ -- Joe Flacco talking about Brent Grimes.


              • Originally posted by SimonRath View Post
                Why is everyone so high on brandon knight?

                I have no idea. He's too short to guard twos but he has very limited PG skills, and he's not a great athlete. He's a pretty solid shooter but that's all I see.


                • Originally posted by SimonRath View Post
                  Why is everyone so high on brandon knight?
                  Kentucky pipeline. After the 5 Wildcats that went in round 1 last year people assume that Calipari will be producing stud lottery picks year in and year out.

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                  • Knight is not as spectacular a prospect at point guard as Cal has had recently, but in a draft where there's very few upper tier prospects, he is a relatively 'safe' pick thanks to his shooting ability and intelligence/intangibles. He does most everything well, shoots very well, but needs to work on his passing. He's not fast but he is quick and I think his intangibles will help compensate for some of the challenges athletically. Plus this draft doesn't have many skilled players who have the potential to play point guard and that certianly boosts Knight's standing.

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                    • Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
                      Here is my big board for the Kings at #7...

                      1 Kemba Walker-Instant impact type PG that would start day 1
                      2 Jan Vesely-High potential Forward that could develop into a stud
                      3 Kawhi Leonard- High energy player that can be a big help on defense
                      4 Tristan Thompson-Defensive shot blocker that has a lot of untouched potential
                      All 4 of these guys are on my radar. I wonder sometimes if Kemba can actually be an impact starter in this league or not, but I'll be honest that my questions were answered a little bit when he measured in at 6'1" in shoes. I want to see him prove his superior speed in the drills though. If he comes out and puts up incredible vert numbers to match, I will be sold on him.

                      Why? Because I know he can play the game of basketball, the question is if he has the physical traits to do that against the NBA. If he can continue to answer the rest of the questions I have remaining for him, he will become my top choice for the Kings (within reason).

                      Oldie but a goodie.


                      • Ghetto, moar of yer Kyrie observations. Thx.


                        • Standing Vertical Jump

                          Iman Shumpert 36.5
                          Marshon Brooks 34
                          JaJuan Johnson 33.5
                          Travis Leslie 33
                          Andrew Goudelock 32.5
                          Scotty Hopson 32.5
                          Jimmy Butler 32
                          Shelvin Mack 32
                          E'Twaun Moore 32
                          Malcolm Thomas 32
                          Kemba Walker 32

                          Five Worst

                          Kyle Singler 23
                          Nikola Vucevic 23.5
                          Darius Morris 24.5
                          Jordan Williams 25
                          Jordan Hamilton 25

                          Max Vert

                          Iman Shumpert 42
                          Josh Selby 42
                          Travis Leslie 40.5
                          Isaiah Thomas 40
                          Kemba Walker 39.5
                          Jimmy Butler 39
                          Shelvin Mack 39
                          Marshon Brooks 38.5
                          Norris Cole 38.5
                          JaJuan Johnson 38

                          Five Worst

                          Nikola Vucevic 25
                          Kyle Singler 30
                          Jordan Williams 30.5
                          Jamie Skeen 30.5
                          Trey Thompkins 30.5

                          Bench Press

                          Derrick Williams 19
                          Justin Harper 19
                          Iman Shumpert 18
                          Shelvin Mack 18
                          Greg Smith 17
                          Malcolm Lee 17
                          Kenneth Faried 16
                          Charles Jenkins 16
                          JaJuan Johnson 15
                          Chris Singleton 15

                          Five Worst

                          Jereme Richmond 0
                          Tyler Honeycutt 0
                          E'Twaun Moore 0
                          Demetri McCamey 0
                          Kawhi Leonard 3

                          Lane Agility

                          Norris Cole 10.07
                          Andrew Goudelock 10.33
                          Jimmer Fredette 10.42
                          Scotty Hopson 10.47
                          Isaiah Thomas 10.49
                          Brandon Knight 10.74
                          Marshon Brooks 10.74
                          Cory Joseph 10.75
                          David Lighty 10.81
                          Jon Leuer 10.82
                          Kemba Walker 10.87

                          Five Worst

                          Jordan Williams 12.74
                          Jamie Skeen 12.43
                          Greg Smith 12.43
                          Nikola Vucevic 12.02
                          Justin Harper 11.92

                          Modified Lane Agility

                          Norris Cole 5.05
                          Jimmer Fredette 5.11
                          Andrew Goudelock 5.13
                          Brandon Knight 5.27
                          Cory Joseph 5.27
                          Jon Leuer 5.34
                          Scotty Hopson 5.34
                          David Lighty 5.35
                          Marshon Brooks 5.37
                          Tristan Thompson 5.40

                          Five Worst

                          Jordan Williams 6.51
                          Greg Smith 6.35
                          Nikola Vucevic 6.11
                          Jamie Skeen 6.1
                          LaceDarius Dunn 6.03

                          3/4 Court Sprint

                          Jereme Richmond 3.02
                          Tyler Honeycutt 3.07
                          Brandon Knight 3.07
                          Malcolm Lee 3.09
                          Chris Singleton 3.09
                          Marshon Brooks 3.09
                          Andrew Goudelock 3.1
                          Travis Leslie 3.13
                          JaJuan Johnson 3.14
                          Isaiah Thomas 3.14

                          Five Worst

                          Jamie Skeen 3.46
                          Jordan Williams 3.45
                          Trey Thompkins 3.41
                          Markieff Morris 3.4
                          Jon Diebler 3.37


                          • Marshon Brooks helped himself a lot, maybe this gets him in the lottery.

                            Also Justin Harper and Jajuan Johnson are a lot stronger than I thought they were.
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                            • McCamey couldn't bench 185 once? wow that's pathetic. I think an average 150 pound man can bench 185 at least once, let alone a 6-3" 200 pound+ athlete.

                              BTW I've moved Kemba ahead of Knight, and a lot closer to Irving that most would think.

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                              • McCamey is probably out of shape. He doesn't give a ****.



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