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  • 2011 NBA Draft Thread

    I don't give a ****, this Wolves season is done, College Basketball has already started and I need something to look forward to. So who are the Wolves going see get taken taken four spots ahead of them with the number one pick in the draft? I'd love to have Irving or Jones on the team.
    Enes Kanter
    Perry Jones
    Kyrie Irving
    Harrison Barnes

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    Hate to say it bro but the Wiz will win the lottery again next year, with the 8th worst record. Really though for the Wolves it's tough because all of the top guys in the draft are swing men or stretch 4's. You guys are pretty much loaded with swingmen and PF's. You definitely should go PG or Center. Jared Sullinger IMO is the best big guy in the draft but don't think he fits well with Love, that's assuming Love is still a T'wolve. Right now I guess I'd say that Irving is the safest pick for you, even though I'm a bigger Brandon Knight fan. I just think drafting Harrison Barnes or Perry Jones will just create a further log jam and make someone like Wes Johnson into a wasted pick. BTW call me crazy but I'm expecting big things from Wally Judge this year.

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      Enes Kanter is ineligible for the year... can he still go into the draft?


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        The Pistons should have the #1 or #2 pick. Make it happen!


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          This just in: The Timberwolves will get screwed in the lottery and drop from the #1 favored spot down to the #4 pick in the lottery.
          Not that there's any franchize HOFers in this draft.


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            Meyers Leonard. Learn this name because he's going to blow up. He's not a 2011 prospect, but looking toward 2012 he has a chance to be lottery.

            He's 7 feet. Good size. Insane athleticism. Moves well. Runs the floor like a deer. Has high rebounding potential. Good shot blocker. Moves his feet well. Shows a respectable post game for his age. Has stepped out and knocked down the open 12-15 footer. He's also shown some passing ability.

            He's a little thin right now, but a summer of strength training/season in the physicality that is the Big 10 will help him immensely. He also gets a little lost on both ends, but he came from a small school in Illinois and hasn't had much traditional big man coaching/competition.

            But his upside is ridiculous. Richmond gets a lot of pub as our burger boy, prized recruit, but Meyers has a higher upside, a much higher upside because of his physical tools.

            The main reason I think people are going to look at him though and fall in love with his game is because he has a mean streak. He's tough as hell and competitive as hell. In fact, he needs to tone it down a few notches as he gets pissed off pretty easily and it can be a detriment to his play. He's definitely a player you'll love to hate because he's kind of a tool, but he's far from a finesse center. He's a power center with high offensive potential

            I truly believe he has a chance to be a big time draft prospect so long as he keeps working on his game, which shouldn't be a problem. Usually it's easier to tone down a guy than spark fire out of thin air. Meyers doesn't want to go around you he wants to go through you.

            Here, check this video out and see his potential;

            What is scary is that Leonard has the physical tools to be great and he has the attitude/work ethic to get there. Dude never takes a play off and from all practice accounts is one of the hardest working guys day in and day out.

            I don't pimp Illini prospects too often, but Meyers is going to be on lottery draft boards next year. Hell, I bet he starts getting some pub after people see his raw potential this year. He's truly a "prospect" in every sense of the word, but I believe he's a low risk/high reward type prospect that you won't regret taking.

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            Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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              Josh Selby is ma boy. Period.


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                Perry Jones makes me cream my pants so much.

                mucho props to wiscbadgerfootball

                Originally posted by scottyboy
                like honestly lebron, instead of south beach, why don't you take your talents and just shove them up your ass.


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                  **** everyone on the Wolves, I want Perry Jones too



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                    Not gonna lie I have seen absolutely nothing from Perry Jones other than a few highlight videos but with Beasley and Wes already here STRIP is right, we would be much better served going after Irving or Knight, or maybe hoping that a big plays well enough to elevate his draft status to where we're going to be picking. Sullinger is going to be a beast this year and again I've only read and seen highlight videos on him but everything is telling me he's going to be a better college player than a pro. He's not a great athlete, plays K-Love's position, and at 6'9 I can't really see him playing a lot of center.


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                      One sleeper that I think people should be aware: Tyshawn Taylor. I've noticed he's not getting much love from the mocks I've seen, but honestly, he's got the most pro-potential of anyone that I've seen play at Kansas for a while. He's got a great size/speed combo to run the point in the NBA. He's great defensively with some good length. And he's always had the speed and quickness to attack the basket. The big thing for him was always decision making and 3-pt shot, but it looks like he worked on that over the off-season. He's been running the point for KU in our first few games and he's looked great. He's always been able to make some sick passes, but he's cut down on the mistakes. And he's shown the ability to knock down the open 3. Obviously, it's one thing to do it against Valpo and Longwood and another to do it against teams like K-State and Baylor, but he's a guy to look out for.

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                      Originally posted by BuckNaked
                      Ok I'd almost rather spank my meat with sandpaper at this point.


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                        I'm ******* pumped for the Raps to grab Harrison Barnes. Him and Demar would be nice on the wings.


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                          Perry Jones looked really nice today, living by the rim. Had a double-double.



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                            Baylor played La Salle, not exactly a juggernaut.
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                              Marcus Morris is a sleeper.not sating he should go #1 but if he declares whoever gets him will be very happy



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