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  • Best Strength training shoes

    For pure lifting, what are you're favorite shoes to wear while lifting?

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    Originally posted by KobeBryant833 View Post
    For pure lifting, what are you're favorite shoes to wear while lifting?
    i cant say that i there are many shoes that i would say i just want to lift in, but Nike free's are my favorite trainers. The new Nike Free Run are the best pair of trainers ive ever had.

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      I've heard great things about actual purpose built lifting shoes. My sisters coach actually forced her to use a pair when training and they helped out a ton. They keep you on the balls of your feet and really help you stay balanced and planted for things like squats.

      I don't know if thats what your looking for. They can be expensive and I don't know if you can do other workout stuff other than lifting.

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        No shoes or lifting shoes (although they certainly don't keep you on the balls of your feet, but instead provide a wooden heel that you can drive off of) are usually best. Chuck Taylors are great, especially for deadlifts. Any cross training/cushiony shoe is a recipe for disaster.
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