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    I think there's intelligent life form out there...
    I'm a bit skeptical about the abductions though
    One point my wife made to me though is...
    whenever we find a new animal, we study the F out of it
    Do experiments, observe them, etc
    She claims, if Aliens found us, are far more advanced than us and wanted to study us...
    don't the abduction stories make a little sense now?
    Food for thought...
    I understand what she's saying... I just find it hard to believe...
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      Originally posted by MaxV View Post

      - Time-travelers?
      Like the 4400?
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        EDIT: That wasn't nice of me to insult the abductees like that.

        I don't mean to sound like I'm dismissing all of this. I have an open mind. It is certainly possible.
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          Originally posted by Nalej View Post
          She claims, if Aliens found us, are far more advanced than us and wanted to study us...
          don't the abduction stories make a little sense now?
          Food for thought...
          I understand what she's saying... I just find it hard to believe...
          Based on what I see from various nature documentaries such as Into the Wild or Big Cat Diary..... no, it doesn't make more sense now. If you were going to use an analogy to us studying a new species, I would think less alien abduction and more first contact.

          Keep in mind that that the reason we often need to remain hidden when studying animals in the wild is because we don't want them to fly/run/swim/waddle away.


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            I definitely believe in aliens, now do they look like this and spend their time abducting humans and mastering space travel maybe a bit less likely. I just always thought that if they were so much more advanced then us that they would take over Earth would they not.


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              Originally posted by MaxV View Post
              There you go.

              BTW, regarding the likelihood of other Planets sustaining intelligent life, it's certainly possible, but people underestimate just how EXTREMELY DIFFICULT it is for a planet to sustain ANY kind of life.

              Earth is a miracle.

              The article does say that it's likely that most of them are simple life forms, but with the kind of odds we are dealing with here, I don't think it's possible we're alone as intelligent life forms in our galaxy, let alone the universe.

              Also, I'm no scientist, but radio waves can't travel faster than light, can they? So why all the fuss from some about the radio transmissions to space not being replied to? That's not even mentioning the dangerous assumption that alien life would use the same radio technology as us. But if these waves are traveling through space at light speed, it would take 4 years for them to reach the nearest star and 100,000 years to get across the galaxy. To get into the next closest galaxy, it would take over 2.5 million years. That's far, far longer than people have even been on earth. Also, Andromeda has a trillion stars(twelve zeroes), and if we assume that it's even remotely like the milky way, which scientists believe has nearly 1 earth-like planet per star, then we're looking at almost one trillion earth-like planets in Andromeda Galaxy alone. And there are believed to be 100-500 BILLION galaxies in the universe, each with hundreds of billions of stars.

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                Let me say upfront. I will not say that the existence of intelligent life other than ourselves is impossible. I will say I doubt that any aliens have ever made contact with mankind, assisted in our development and are now watching us and observing with the intent of not interfering with us. If we assume that these aliens have found answers to the millions of hurdles/problems that go with successful space travel, do you really think they would have trouble keeping from being seen? Let's really think about it. If they assisted us at any point and wanted to stay unseen would your average Joe with a digital camera be able to foil their plans? I also do not subscribe to the "zoo" theory. Again, any species capable of space travel would no undoubtedly be able to decode/understand our language. Now assume we had the ability to speak "tiger" and you listened to a group of tigers conversing. Would you not be more than willing to jump into the conversation when "human existence" came up? You would. Don't say we don't attempt such things because I know we teach primates sign language.

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                    I always picture aliens as fat beings that can't flush out their digested waste. With all the reports of anal probes, I figure they need to research they way we evacuate our excrement.
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                      I am scared of Aliens, the Grey Aliens...I googled image searched it but couldn't even look at the photos. It's my only phobia and I really, really, really ******* hate those things. For $10,000 I would not watch a serious styled scary movie about those kind of Aliens. Hate them.


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                          I wish someone would explain the context of those photos.

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                            Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf) View Post
                            Yeah, as for aliens making contact with us, of that I'm still not sure. The very thing that makes aliens extremely likely, the size of the universe, also decreases the likelihood that they could get here. Not only would they have had to master intergalactic travel, they'd have to get here. Out of all the billions upon billions upon billions of planets in the universe, they'd need to be here, within the last hundred thousand years.
                            ehh... I'm not too sure about that. If an alien species is able to "master intergalactic travel" as you say, it would seem likely that they have technology that can pin-point exactly where we are. I'm not saying they have been here or they even exist, just that if the can open up worm holes using undiscovered (at least on Earth) mathematics then it isn't a stretch to say they can locate us.


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                              Seriously? nepg, could you put that picture in a spoiler so it doesn't stretch the screen out so much?

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                                BTW, regarding aliens possibly trying to invade Earth:

                                What have they been waiting for? For Humans to develop nuclear weapons?



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