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Cloning? Should we or should we not?

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    Cloning would be super duper awesome imo.

    Forgetting the awesome medical side of the whole thing.

    Forgetting the whole cloning Jessica Alba so that every male can have one as a "pet".

    And just thinking of bringing back all those pimping animals that are extinct that we go to museums to look at the bones of would just be amazing.

    Yeah... I'm all for cloning and I just don't get the whole ethical side of it to be honest but hell I don't get the fuss with abortions and the like so call me ignant :)

    Props to BK on the sig!


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      The problem is the older an individual gets their dna builds a long chain on the end and it causes complications, so when you clone an adult the baby clone has that long chain and will die way early.

      But yea i want dinosaurs and im pumped to ride this mammoth


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        I'm only interested if they can clone someone who will follow all my orders. Think I Robot. It'll make me food, give me massages, run errands for me, do my laundry.
        Just play me, baby


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          Yes cloning is awesome.

          Go Bucs, Josh Freeman is a beast!


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