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    2 C 5:6-8 Jakob Murphy aka themaninblack


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      Originally posted by senormysterioso View Post
      You're absolutely entitled to your opinion, that's the basic tenant of our country. But I'm sorry, this is such a bulls**t canned response that the liberal media has ingrained in the half-sentient populace (which is preferential to the non-sentient right wing tea party types). Sure, the war in Iraq was started under false pretenses...fine, there is egg on the NSA and CIA's faces. But, you know what. Real, observable improvements have been made in Iraq and the middle east because of that war...ill gotten or not. I saw Sadr City go from a post apocalyptic, mad max style terrorist play ground, to a relatively secure, and stable neighborhood. I don't care why the President and the Senate send me where they decide to send me. My group and I are going to do good things wherever we are with whatever resources we're afforded. The brass just sign the checks and make the travel arrangements, it's up to me what happens on the ground.

      And if you're going to spout off a bunch of quasi-intellectual rhetoric, at least do some ******* research. The United States never funded Al-Qaeda, the CIA financially backed the mujaheddin of Afghanistan when the Soviet Union invaded them in the late 70's-80's. Such was Regan's foreign policy. He supported any anti-Soviet activities during his Presidency. This was actually one of the least ******-up things that happened with regards to his foreign policy. The Iran/Contra affair and the secret wars of Central America were far more messed up...but guess what, real tangible good was still done on the ground by your military. Al-Qaeda was founded after the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, along with the Taliban. The United States were among the first to recognize them as a terrorist organization. Forget the black helicopters and Da Vinci code nonsense. The conspiracy theory horse **** is a waste of time and frankly immature. Obviously there is corruption in our government, but if you had any perspective or world view you would understand that it is among the least corrupt in the world. I live in Wisconsin, and our governor is trying to take away public sector employees right to collectively bargain, I'm far from happy with my government. That said, I resent you intimating that the entire military is a bunch of pawns for corporate interest and that I'm risking my life for nothing. I know exactly what I'm risking my life for every time I file my trip ticket and cross the wire and it's worth it every time.

      As I said, you're absolutely entitled to your opinions but I strongly urge you to reassess them.
      Brilliant post.

      I believe it was right around this line: "My group and I are going to do good things wherever we are with whatever resources we're afforded." that The Battle Hymn started up in my head. lol

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        EDIT: answered my question by reading entire thread.
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