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    Re: Most Manly of these 3

    Originally posted by cunningham06
    Here is a most manly poll. For obvious reasons chuck norris has not been included because he would obviously win. Same deal with Mr. T. Ok here are the three candidates, take your pick.

    Rambo- If you've seen first blood you know what I'm talking about. The guy can jump face first off a cliff into a tree and still be ok.

    Clint Eastwood- Also very manly, when he gets shot with an arrow he has a nun bash it through his chest and doesnt make a sound.

    Samuel L Jackson from Snakes on a Plane- Enough said, the guy tazers snakes kills them with a flamethrower and drops The Line.
    Have you seen First Blood Part 1? Rambo cries man. Rambo **********ing cries. There's nothing more manly than a good manly cry.

    Seriously though, I had to do that monologue in my advanced drama class. If you do it right, you can make the people in the audience cry with you. Brilliant.

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