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Which Madden had better Music

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    I liked when they used to just have one song and play it over and over and over again.


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      Originally posted by Gang Green View Post
      This music in Madden 07 has to be the worst crap I have ever heard. It is all for suicidal Emo Children. How can you like that s hit?
      I just turn off all the normal music and just listen to the NFL Films stuff.

      It gets repetitive, but at least it doesn't cause me to want me to cut my ears off.


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        I like this year's soundtrack for the most part. The rap is really bad on it: Swizz Beatz, MIMS, the "Monstah" song and the crappy Murs song. I pretty much like everything else, though.

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          i hate every sports game song, just cause i get tired of hearing the same songs for hours at a time.

          NCAA 06 has the WORST soundtrack i have ever heard. madden 06 and 07 were both pretty good util i got tired of them.

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            Whichever Madden had "Alive and amplified" by Mooney Suzuki on it had the best music IMO

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              Two of my favorite songs are on '08 (Underclass Hero and Fighting), but '03 and '04 are still my favorites.

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