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Is Cheating Ok???

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    Originally posted by drowe
    Originally posted by SevenNationArmy
    Cheating is only wrong if it negatively impacts someone else. I learned a lot in some college classes, but the professor was a crackpot, and why should I suffer because he can't teach worth *********** or makes impossible tests. If I didn't know anything at all, then I wouldn't cheat, but as long as I learn while cheating its alright.
    i'm sure you know this, but cheating in college is nothing to F around with. if you get caught, you'd be lucky to get away with just failing the class. sometimes, it can result in dismissal from the college in bad standing...which means, good luck getting into another college.

    story time.
    I was in an African History class where the professor outlined her hatred of cheating early on. She said she'd look for it and punish it to the fullest extent. So, we had a series of 5 short papers we had to write on required reading. The last one was on a novel that I read, and actually enjoyed. I wrote the 2-3 page paper and handed it in. since it was the last paper, we never got them back before we left for winter break. when my grades arrived, I recieved an "I" for the course and a letter from the prof saying she had some questions about my paper, and I should see her as soon as I got back from break. I thought right away, that she was accusing me of plagerism. But, I thought, "eh, simple misunderstanding, i'll talk to her, and be done with it, and have my grade right away"

    So...first day of second semester classes, i go to her office. she says, "clearly you plagerized this paper from an internet site, so I'm gonna give you a failing grade for the course".

    I said, "um, no i didn't"

    she smurked at me, and pulls out this print out from an internet site which had 2 sentences from my paper, word for word, and said "well, then explain this"

    I looked at the sentences and told her that I think I got those right from the book.

    She said, "no, i've been teaching that book for 7 years, and i think i would know if those phrases were in there"

    I said, "well, i've never seen that website before. maybe they came from class notes:

    she interupted me and said "cut the bullsh*t, i know this is plagerism, and you know its plagerism. you can either admit it and recieve a failing grade, or fight it in an academic hearing, and lose, and recieve a failing grade."

    I said, "allright, well, i'm gonna look through the book and my notes and see if i can find where this came from, and i'll get back to ya"

    she said "don't bother bringing your notes back here, because I know that you'll just fabricate whatever you want"

    so, i left, re-read the whole effing book. and found both sentences word for word. the same sentences that she swore were not in there.

    so, back to her office i went.

    "here they are, right here"

    she said "well, ok, i guess we're at a stalemate. you say you got them from the book, i still maintain that you got them from a website, i'll think this over and get back to you"

    here is where i kinda lost it.

    went on a long rant about how she told me straight out that i wouldn't find the sentences in the book, i've never cheated, i've gotten good grades on every paper in the class and would have no reason to cheat.

    and i left.

    2 days later, i get back from class and there's a message on my answering machine from the professor stating she will not be pursuing me for academic dishonesty. i was happy at first, cracked open a celebratory beer....then wrote her a nasty later demanding an apology and sent copies to the dean.

    she never got back to me.
    YEAH, FIGHT THE POWER!!!!!! But that sucks. I got into something similar with a teacher but since he liked me he cut me some slack, only to realize that I was right.


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      What a ****** of a teacher.

      That is correct comahan
      I ******* LOVE YOU DG
      <3 dg



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