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    Originally posted by cunningham06
    Originally posted by Moses
    Originally posted by cunningham06
    Tupac's good but he's overrated. His death immortalized his songs so people still talk about them. I really like some of his songs like Changes, Thugz Mansion, All eyes on me, and Krazy, but I'd take Snoop Dogg over him any day of the week.
    Wow, that's one rapper that people rarely say is better than 2Pac.
    Obviously who's the best is all subjective, it depends on what you like. Snoop Dogg's put out just as many awesome songs, if not more. In fact most casual rap fans I know say that their favorite rap song is the next episode. He put out tons of great songs of which many were extremely popular- 187 on an undercover cop, Gin and Juice, ain't nothing but a G thang, the next episode, and drop it like it's hot just to name a few. One thing I've never liked about 2pac is that he's a bit one dimensional, quite a few of his songs aren't all that different from each other and when he tries singing, IMO it's not a great sound.
    snoop dogg is not a better rapper than tupac, tupac, made better music, snoop dogg is not on pacs level, he will never0 be on pacs level, and like tupac is not on biggies level,


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      i like untouchable alot

      Go Ravens!


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        Did he come back?



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