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    CM Punk owns!!! 8)


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      Originally posted by Splat420
      I don't know anyone that likes SD.
      The Boogeyman is the greatest gimmick in the history of wrestling.

      Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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        Your about 5 months too late


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          Originally posted by Brodeur
          Originally posted by eazyb81
          screw WWE, where's the TNA thread?

          Let's get some Angle-Joe discussion going....
          Must find way to see greatness.
          F*** TNA WWE is the better brand. Name TNA's best wrestler and I'll top it with 10 better wrestlers from the WWE.

          Thanks to jackalope


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            Originally posted by Lions WMD

            WWE Writing Staff: Hello Shelton, heres the thing, you have amazing talent. You're probally the most athletic wrestler we have ever seen and do some of the most incredible things in the ring I have ever seen. Here's the problem, you have absolutly no charisma.


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              Originally posted by snuff
              Yeah, good joke. Awesome.


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                I havent watched wrestling since I was like 12 but, I did turn to it the other day and saw this enormous, horse steroid using beast. I dont know his name but, he was wrestling Booker T. Who is he?

                Thanks BoneKrusher^

       (the man)
                KO KNOWS


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                  Haven't watched any wrestling since 2001.

                  This might be the only time I ever say anything like this, but half naked girls wrestling ruined the WWF.


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                    Originally posted by M.O.T.H.
                    I havent watched wrestling since I was like 12 but, I did turn to it the other day and saw this enormous, horse steroid using beast. I dont know his name but, he was wrestling Booker T. Who is he?
                    That would be Batista.. He isn't half bad.


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                      One year ago today Eddie Guerrero past away. :(


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                        Originally posted by Lions WMD
                        Originally posted by M.O.T.H.
                        I havent watched wrestling since I was like 12 but, I did turn to it the other day and saw this enormous, horse steroid using beast. I dont know his name but, he was wrestling Booker T. Who is he?
                        That would be Batista.. He isn't half bad.
                        Yes he is. After his 8th arm injury, he's horrific.

                        RIP TheManInBlack


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                          The survivor series teams are pretty good. I have a strong feeling Jon Cena's team comes out on top.

                          Thanks to jackalope


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                            So, im at work and have absolutely nothing to do, so...

                            TNA Primetime special tonight
                            Great card for a television show.

                            - Joe vs Jay Lethal

                            Table Match
                            - Team 3D vs The Naturals

                            X-Division Title Match
                            - AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Chris Sabin

                            Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match
                            - Christian Cage vs. Rhino

                            - Kurt Angle vs. Abyss

                            Those are the scheduled matches on, LAX and Sting among others should make appearances too. This is also the last show until Genesis this Sunday. Tonights show starts at 9EST and will be a two hour show on Spike TV, which is big for TNA.

                            TNA Genesis
                            Sun Nov 19

                            World Title Match
                            - Sting vs Abyss

                            - Joe vs Angle

                            LAX will probably take on AMW for the tag titles, I have no idea what is going on with the X-Division Title.

                            All in all I love TNA and most of its talent. The Joe vs Angle feud should be huge, huge, HUGE. I'm hoping for a trilogy or something similar, that ends up putting Joe over.

                            I like the Idea of a Sting vs. Abyss feud. It reminds me of Vader and Sting from the early/mid 90's. Sting and James Mitchell should have some good promos too.

                            The X-Division confuses me at the moment. AJ has the belt, which he took from Sabin after he had it for two weeks. They're building up Sabin as a cocky heel, which is cool. Senshi (Low Ki) is no where to be found. At least Lethal and Dutt have cut the Jackass/Mortal Kombat BS. They seemed to hint that Daniels was jealous or something of the sort of AJ, which i am hoping for, cause a Hell Fallen Angel, is a good Fallen Angel. Also, they need more Petey Williams. He is popular cause of the Canadian Destroyer, but his overall wrestling ability gets overlooked.

                            I love Christian, but they need to end this feud with Rhino after this steel cage match tonight. Christian seems to be the top heel at the moment, with Jarrett disappearing and promos hinting a babyface turn (....) I think Christian faces Sting for the title next month and wins it.

                            LAX is the best thing in TNA right now. Homicide is an amazing wrestler, Konnan is great at cutting promos and Hernandez has been surprising, in a very good way. Did you see him jump off the top of the cage at BFG? Or the Border Toss on Gail Kim? (lol) Theyre doing a 'burn the american flag' thing tonight. mmmk. Expect an AMW run in.

                            The Paparazzi is awesome. Kevin Nash is hilarious. Alex Shelley is underused, but still entertaining. and I love Austin Aries' new gimmick of THE Austin Starr.

                            The New Age Outlaws/James Gang/Voodoo Kin Mafia thing is dumb. Period. TNA needs to shutup about the WWE, and focus on their own damn company. Also, Kip James, Stop saying Suck it. Dammit.

                            Looks like Raven is getting a new Flock, its a spoiler somewhat so i wont go into it, but Matt Bentley is obviously in it, as he has been acting, and dressing like Raven for a few weeks. At least theyre giving him a gimmick.

                            The Bobby(Robert, excuse me) Roode push is fine, but im not a fan of Traci Brooks. Roode had a very nice rolling one legged boston crab the other night, but he is still kinda bland.. hes supposed to be a wall street tyoe guy? Hmm.. Id prefer CLAUDIO baby. European Uppercuts ftw.

                            Thats my view on TNA as of now. Ill do ECW/Smackdown/Raw soon.


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                              December To Dismember is soon, and theyre using the Elimination Chamber. Im not a huge Chamber fan, but oh well.

                              ECW Title - Extreme Elimination Chamber
                              - Big Show (c) vs. RVD vs. CM Punk vs. Sabu vs. Lashley vs Test

                              Show is badly hurt, apparently. Rob Van Dam recently got arrested for pot. uhg. Id love to See CM Punk win it, but its probably too soon. Lashley will probably win it, as Test having the title would kill the company. :x


                              I want more Kevin Thorn/Ariel. Im not quite sure why, but I do.

                              The Big Show might be retiring soon, so if youre a fan, make sure youre able to see his last few matches, as its rumored he might retire as soon as December to Dismember. Hes a good worker for someone who is a legit 530 pounder. And he can cut a good promo, so I'll miss him, even though he isnt the best wrestler.

                              CM Punk is continuing to be pushed, which is awesome. He's had two nearly ten minute matches the last two weeks, which were both great matches for TV. He is in a Survivor Series match with The Hardy Boyz and DX, so... that a good sign for his future. (Thats not sarcasm, btw.) If that particular SS match is the Main Event, then he will be HEadlining his first two WWE PPV's. (Elimination Chamber, and SS Match) I can't think of the last time that happened. I Love CM Punk and hope he does well in the future. (I want a Benoit vs Punk World Title Match at Wrestlemania dammit!!)

                              Daivari actually getting time to wrestle is awesome. Not to mention his music is sweet. Khali is fine with me as long as he continues to stay ringside and act as a really really big body guard.

                              Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay on ECW. Hmm. I Love Elijah Burke, and havent really seen Terkay. Burke getting a push would be awesome. He has good mic skills, and is a very good worker. Terkay, the 'manbear' he uh.. well.. looks dangerous.. so.. that works i guess...

                              Hardcore Holly always main eventing the shows is kind of annoying. I like him.. but I like him as a midcarder that puts guys over, not as a main eventer against RVD.

                              Matt Striker needs more mic time. He is your teacher.

                              Mike Knox has impressed the the last few weeks in his matches against Punk. He has good ring psychology, decent moves, and can lay a nasty dropkick for his size. His only bad thing, imo, is his look. He looks the a generic big man that will never get a push, which is lame, cause I like him.

                              Sandman and Sabu need more time on air dammit. Not cause theyre the best wrestlers (god knows Sandman cant wrestle to save his life) but theyre entertaining.

                              RVD got busted for pot, and Vinnie Mac apparently doesnt trust him to headline any shows, which is lame, cause he's one of the better workers on the show, and probably the most exciting.

                              Lastly, turn Punk heel sometime. He's a badass as a heel. He signed his WWE contract on the ROH title belt. That was a sweet moment. Also, Sandman and Punk have gimmicks that just simply scream FEUD.


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                                Monty Brown signed with the WWE. I highly doubt he ever cracks the mid-card.

                                I hadn't heard about Big Show. That's dissapointing..I've always liked him a lot. He's real good on the mic.

                                Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.



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