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  • * Booker T is in TNA.

    * Angle retains the world title.

    * Kaz beat Christian in a Ladder Match, winning the #1 Contendership.

    * MCMG beat 3D.

    * Abyss beat Black Reign.

    * Joe and Roode had a great match. Joe won.

    * Styles and Tomko beat The Steiners to retain.

    * Lethal retains the X Strap. 3D beats him down and steals it afterwards.


    • I read Styles and Tomko helped Angle win.Is this possibly setting up an Outsiders vs Tomko and Styles program?


      • Can someone tell me what in the hell Jeff Hardy has to do with TNA?


        • Jeff was in TNA for a brief time before he went back to WWE


          • Did anyone just see the latest save_us video?


            • X+1=Y



              The Answer is the Code



              Looking forward to WHY TOO JAY~
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              • Let's job a guy who has slowly become very over to Jerry Lawler and our tag champs to Taker and Batista for no reason whatsoever!

                RIP TheManInBlack


                • Originally posted by Brodeur View Post
                  Let's job a guy who has slowly become very over to Jerry Lawler and our tag champs to Taker and Batista for no reason whatsoever!
                  I can't defend the logic on Santino but the jobbing of Cade and Murdoch is obvious. Slowly but surely the tag team division on RAW was gaining some momentum so naturally the writers have to stop that.

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                  Originally posted by Job
                  On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
                  Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

                  So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!


                  • Originally posted by Brodeur View Post
                    Let's job a guy who has slowly become very over to Jerry Lawler and our tag champs to Taker and Batista for no reason whatsoever!
                    You take "winning" and "losing" way too seriously. Santino is not being billed as a credible wrestling threat (in part because quite frankly he's a ****** wrestler). The fact that Lawler beat him with a school-boy isn't going to affect his character or the heat he gets. I would assume it's a part of a broader storyline and in the abscense of Austin, feuding with Lawler actually makes good sense.

                    Jobbing the Tag Champs, on the other hand, made little sense to me. Isn't that what Hass and Benjamin are for? I can never defend jobbing someone with the belts simply because it lowers the esteem of the titles.

                    Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


                    • I like what TNA is doing but I wish they would stop getting the WWE's rejects and start pushing their own guys.

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                      • They are in the process of pushing all those young guys.

                        Booker, first of all, asked for his release, hes not a 'wwe reject'. Secondly, hes a guy that really, you'd be stupid not to sign. Not only for his name value and his still solid ability in the ring and on the mic, but its a smart business decision out of the ring as he owns his own promotion (PWA). Theyve already used some of his talent on TV, its almost like a free developmental territory.

                        Back to pushing their guys.

                        Joe has been in 7 of the last 12 PPV Main Events. When he wasnt in the main event he lost to Angle in an Ironman Match, beat AJ Styles at Sacrifice, was DQed against Christian at No Surrender, ended Cage's 2 year unpinned/unsubmitted streak at Bound For Glory, and beat Robert Roode at Genesis.

                        AJ is in, arguably, the most entertaining Tag Team in wrestling and has 1/2 of the Tag belts. He just came off of a win against the Steiner Brothers. The best part though, is that he actually has a character. AJ was fun to watch as a top babyface, but god he was a boring personality. I think hes hilarious now.

                        Kaz won the Fight for the Right Tournament, beating Christan Cage in 'Cage's own match', a ladder match, in the finals. He is the current #1 contender. Everyone needs to watch that match btw. Great match.

                        Robert Roode pinned Jeff freaking Jarrett clean on PPV not too long ago. How many times has that happened in TNA? He had a stagnant run with Eric Young, but then had a short program with Kaz, and now Joe. Hes slowly moving up the card as he continues his storyline with Ms Brooks.

                        The Motor City Machine Guns just beat Team 3D clean on PPV. In prior weeks, hey beat VKM (New Age Outlawz) clean, were in the finals of a 10 Man Tag Gauntlet Match (the other team was Styles and Tomko btw), and are the representatives to the X Division right now.

                        Theres more, but you get the point. Sorry for the rant, but im bored to tears.


                        • AJ Styles as a heel is classic :)


                          • Y2j Returns Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                            • did you guys know that wrestling is fake?


                              • Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
                                did you guys know that wrestling is fake?
                                Did you know you just wasted 20 seconds of your life typing that?




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