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  • Originally posted by comahan View Post
    I would hope thats what i meant. No idea at all why I put April.
    I wish it was April. :(


    • So Hulu has ECW (love Hulu) and I'm bored so here are some thoughts.

      -The production value at the WWE is incredible. It's almost too polished.

      -The announce team of Matthews and Matt Stryker does nothing for me. Boring. Matthews at least knows the moves and tries, but Stryker adds nothing at all. I liked him in promos, but he's not good at color from what I saw.

      -William Regal-great heel character. Pompous and arrogant, but believably so. Plus everyone hates the British.

      -Never a big fan of Christian's mic work, but he's very over. He's clearly the star of the show, maybe the only one.

      -Goldust is on TV. That's not a bad thing....that's a good thing.

      -Shelton Benjamin is the man, but he's still not over. He had a little pop going for him back in the day when they were pushing him, but I don't think he'll ever get over. Fun to watch though.

      -This Yoshi guy is pretty stiff. Nice to see. Seems to be over too, but it could be pumped in sound. Tried to watch the crowd and it looked like they were actually clapping.

      -Still about 20 minutes left but I like what they are doing. It's a good mix of young talent and guys to help them get over. The production is good, the wrestling is good (though the matches are too short), and they are trying to establish consistant storylines. I think it's an improved product overall. Props to the WWE for not scrapping the show altogether, but the announce team could use some work, and maybe a few longer matches.

      -Oh..and enough with the pretty bitches that can't do anything. Tiffany, I love your giant boobs, but you are completely untalented. New Courtney girl, you too. Just pose in pictures and put them on the website. Bring back a real interview guy like Mean Gene. If it's not broke don't fix it.
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      Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


      • It seems like it's taken Dixie having to intervene in it, but it's very refreshing to see guys like Matt Morgan, Hernandez and Eric Young being treated like a big deal in TNA. Seriously, over the last 3 weeks Matt Morgan has been one of the, if not the, star of their shows. Too bad TNA is going with a 4-Corners World Title match at No Surrender, because I'd totally be sold on seeing Morgan/Angle.
        Originally posted by Scott Wright
        I could also go on a rant about how Uncle Joe from Willky Wonka is a major dick.


        • the Goldust and Sheamus matches are great better than anything on Raw.
          Taking a Knapp.


          • Christian's mic skills are grade A goodness...

            As for the announce team on ECW I 100% agree with you just awful.


            • TBH I have'nt watched ECW since the beggining with Styles and Tazz as the announcers


              • i love Matt Striker, up there with Taz as my fav color guy


                • Originally posted by T-RICH49 View Post
                  TBH I have'nt watched ECW since the beggining with Styles and Tazz as the announcers
                  I haven't watched ECW beyond the first few moments after whatever was on before it ended since ONS2.


                  • Host for Raw this Monday.

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                    • Originally posted by Splat420 View Post
                      Host for Raw this Monday.

                      I may be wrong but I think LeBron is supposed to host in the near future.I hope he brings Shaq back because Shaq has been my fav host so far


                      • Bump for SD.


                        • Jeff's face at the end of the first segment pretty much gave away the match results even if I had'nt read the spoilers.


                          • Well no more Jeff Hardy for awhile atleast and I for one will miss him I know some people don't like him the main reason being his fans but what ever.

                            (On a side note CM Punk is such an ass that is how to be a heel take notes Hardy gives his good bye speech and Punk takes him out wow.) Best heel in wrestling today?

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                            • Hey Punk

                              now you have to deal with him


                              • Going to a Raw house show in about 14 hours. It's only about 5 minutes away from me.. I still have to sleep and work. I'm gonna be tired. Hopefully the show doesn't bore me back to sleep!

                                I might see if I can get to the Raw show at the Joe Louis arena, too. We'll see.



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