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  • Blink 182 - Adam's Song


    • Trey Songz-Role Play


      • Kings Of Leon ~ Slow Night So Long

        The Violent Femmes ~ Blister In The Sun

        <+fenikz> "**** the Police, ride my fischstache bitches"


        • T-Pain - Who The Heck Is That


          • Trap Niggaz (Boyz N da Hood)


            • Been listening to the soundtrack for Across the Universe a lot lately. Also had the urge to play Dookie recently and I haven't been able to stop. Too many great songs from before Green Day became all mainstream pop rock.
              Mr Garrison: Does anyone know what sexual harassment means?
              Cartman: When you are trying to have intercourse with a special lady friend and some other guy comes up and tickles your balls from behind.


              • Put it in reverse- Small World


                • Chamillionaire - Wont Let You Down (H-Town Remix) best 18 min song ive heard in awhile

                  I put my dick in your mouth, **** what you sayin


                  • A little different than most of your tastes, it looks like.


                    • Originally posted by TapouT View Post

                      The most hyped album of the year for me Collaborators include Birdman, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, The Game. The album is set to be released on Feb 15 of 2008 and was voted most anticipated album by XXL magazine. Lil Wayne in my vote is the best rapper alive so i know this album is goona be sick.
                      Best rapper alive? You have got's to be kidding me. No offense man, but you need to start listening to some different rap. I'm not trying to knock Weezy, cause he does have talent but sometimes he tries a little too hard i.e jumping on every remix ever made. That's his downfall because while some of his stuff is great, alot of it is garbage, with terrible lyrics.

                      Here's what i'm listening to:

                      Got it for Christmas and it's pretty good. Not as good as some of Ghost's older albums but it definately ranks up there as one of the better albums of the year.

                      Also, a CD i bought 50&#37; off the other day and possibly one of the best of all time.

                      Classic GZA/Wu Tang. I just love that shaolin style of the Wu.



                      • Talking about GK.

                        Cherchez LaGhost- GhostFAce


                        • you know whos crazy, Young Dro. hes got some pretty crazy songs, where you have to listen to them a couple times to get. most of the rappers rely on basic word play and good beats

                          "Trunk ain't bumpin and jumpin, it got the holy ghost."

                          "I lay by my banana, dumpin' and punkin' monkeys."
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                          • Originally posted by JF4 View Post
                            Also, a CD i bought 50% off the other day and possibly one of the best of all time.

                            Classic GZA/Wu Tang. I just love that shaolin style of the Wu.
                            god yes. GZA is so sweet.
                            liquid swords was mad underrated. still is mad underrated.

                            paramore blows. they're rehashed **** of rehashed ****. it makes me sad.

                            speaking of rehashed ****...

                            this is not rehashed ****... its good, chill out, jazzy, down tempo punk.
                            For a good time call (303) 499-7111.whitspacsig by steel man

                            United: "I actually went to the college I root for"


                            • This my one - Too Short and E-40


                              "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


                              • Charlene-Anthony Hamilton
                                Sexual Eruption-Snoop dogg

                                Best Song Ever



                                Debug Information