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  • Flo Rida ft Timbaland - Elevator


    • Wasn't sure this deserved its own thread, and this one seems to be suitable for discussion.

      There is a company called QTrax that claims to have a program in which makes a 100% legal P2P network on Gnutella. They say the reason is that the Ad-Revenue will be used to pay the record companies for their "loss".

      By in large it is expected that they will use a DRM, but unlike Ruckus (a service open to college students to "download" free music and basically listen to it only with their player") you can transfer the music to your Ipod.

      Here is the Website:

      And some criticism:

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      • The Fugees - "Killin' Me Softly"
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          • Tech N9ne- P.A.S.E.O.

            great song

            sig by me.. first in ages, pm with requests


            • Originally posted by Paul View Post
              Lupe Fiasco - Free Chilly
              I love the production on that track, it's amazing. And the two singers fit it so well.

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              • ive been listening to alot of Rob Zombie lately


                • amazing album, amazing band

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                  • great cd


                    • yellowcard- bombers

                      bonekrusher on the sig magic
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                      • Originally posted by 619 View Post
                        Flo Rida ft Timbaland - Elevator
                        so what floor are you on? first second or third? who knew elevator was slang for *****, ha not me lol


                        • yo this is so **** it isnt even funny.

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                          Ill suck you clean, no ****
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                          • Originally posted by nemesis3394 View Post
                            ive been listening to alot of Rob Zombie lately
                            I love me some "Feel So Numb".



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                              • Originally posted by Vikes99ej View Post
                                I love me some "Feel So Numb".
                                good song, Dragula is another of my favorites



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