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  • Originally posted by nvot9 View Post
    They have the same 13-3 conference record and the record's are extremely close (Kansas is 28-3 and Texas 26-5, not including Big 12 Tourny games...I don't think this should decide anything)

    Texas big wins: Tennessee, UCLA (when they were 1), Saint Mary's, Kansas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma twice

    Texas big losses: MSU (10), Wisconsin, Texas A&M (23), and TT

    Kansas big wins: Arizona, USC, Kansas St., Oklahoma, and TT

    Kansas big losses: Kansas St., Texas, OSU

    Clearly, Texas has had some much bigger wins than Kansas, including one OVER KANSAS. If anything, I think Texas should be guaranteed the number 1 seed regardless of this championship game, and not Kansas, but that's not the case, so I do think whoever wins the game should be the #1 seed.
    Pretty much completely agree.

    If Texas wins today and does not AT LEAST get a higher seeding than Kansas, I will be shocked to say the least. Would not be shocked in the slightest to see them (Texas) stealing a #1 seed.


    • Originally posted by bwillie26 View Post
      Uh, yes ..

      "I'd assume they just cancel this ..."
      That was speculation on my part, at the time I didn't see any real scenario to get it done considering they were discussing only playing 1 game each day with co-champions at that point. I figured it would be easier to get it over with and avoid the headaches... What they did was really the best they could do with the situation. Although people got screwed out of tickets, it worked out because it would've been an absolute mess to have first come/first serve tickets.

      Dude, you are 2-2 since the Patterson injury.
      I basically gave up after the Patterson injury, figured we'd have no chance. After that, we lost by a few inches AT the #1 overall team in the nation... Won at USC on their Sr. day/coaches final game at home then beat Florida on Sr. day.

      Since Patterson's injury (averaged 16 points and 7 boards), Jasper/Harris/Stevenson have picked up their averages by 15 points and 7 boards combined. Role players have stepped up and we are playing just as well.

      This isn't even mentioning you have played garbage teams to even get in the discussion of going to the tourney.
      You're right, playing @Indiana (pre-Sampson firing), UNC, Louisville, Vandy (twice), Arkansas and UT (Twice) is absolute trash. Every team has cake games mixed in, you're a fool to think otherwise.

      Of those 11 wins, 7 have came at the expense of teams with an RPI lower than 108. Georgia only keeps that rating alot higher than it should thanks to their play over the past three days. They improved their RPI 27 spots with their play today alone.
      Ok? Sorry we won the games we were supposed to? We also beat THREE top 25 RPI teams, what other bubble team has done that? Probably a Pac-10 team or two that beat up on Arizona, that's it.

      You don't even want me to bring up your road record, where your highest quality win is over Florida, who only has an RPI of 72 and will likely not even make the tourney. The next highest is at 108 and that is Georgia.

      Honestly, Kentucky has no business in the tourney.
      You know why we're a bubble team? We have no quality road wins, just like pretty much every other bubble team...

      Our overall SOS is 22, we've beat 3 top 25 RPI teams and if they're thinking Virginia Tech gets in, there's absolutely no way we shouldn't. The fact that Virginia Tech is even discussed is a joke.


      • Originally posted by adschofield View Post

        Like I've been saying the Big 12 championship results don't matter...I think Kansas will a #1 seed
        I really don't think that if Kansas loses, that they deserve a #1 seed over Texas, UNC (if they win), UCLA, and Memphis...maybe Texas and Kansas both get a #2, but there's no way if Kansas loses today, even by like 3, that they would move into a #1 seed, they need to win in order to get that imo

        and Clemson is really shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly with all these missed layins and 2 foot jumpers


        • my number ones are UNC, UCLA, Memphis, and Texas
          if Kansas wins the Big 12 championship then they will probably get the number over texas


          • Winner of Texas/Kansas gets a 1 seed... Two teams ranked in the 5-8 range for their conference championship.

            Winner gets a 1, loser gets a 2... Pretty simple.


            • i am surprised at the level of competition and effort in the major conference tournaments this year, normally some of the top teams take off. How about UNC and Clemson and the entire ACC tournament, a classic.


              • I really hoped Clemson would win and they outplayed UNC imo, but they screwed themselves by missing easy shots...UNC didn't win that game, Clemson lost it


                • UGA was amaizing yesterday, winning two games in one day.

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                  Originally posted by fenikz
                  we all hate you


                  • Originally posted by Bosanac01 View Post
                    UGA was amaizing yesterday, winning two games in one day.
                    I hate Dave Bliss.

                    That last shot was crazy, the second he went to put it up I said, "uh-oh"... This time of the year those are the shots that go in. Then I get a call saying they won the second game, pretty crazy.

                    Pulling for Arkansas today, coached by a Kentucky native, UK player and they have some of the best/classiest fans around.


                    • Im rooting for Georgia. How could you not root for them? Well, unless your favorite team is on the bubble.


                      • Wow great game between texas and kansas. Threes are going down like crazy, Augustine and Rush are killing it.
                        Originally posted by Charm City Byrdgang
                        Waaaaaaaaah!!! It was totally cooler when I was the only one who made a truth thread. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I thought that when I "retired" people would honor me by never making truth threads. WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!!
                        Originally posted by Lions WMD
                        It's called Auto Fellatio!


                        • 10 minutes into the first half, Georgia leading 26-9. 5 to go in the 1st Illionois down by 4. Every bubble team in America is crying right now.


                          • The KU-UT game is insane

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                            Originally posted by BuckNaked
                            Ok I'd almost rather spank my meat with sandpaper at this point.


                            • Georgia is doing work right now. 30-11.


                              • I wish the Big 12 and Big Ten Championship games were on at different times so I could watch both.



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