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  • Site Slow on Draft Day


    I apologize for the site being so slow yesterday but at least it didn't crash completely like last year! I vastly upgraded servers this year and am actually paying about 33 times what I used to but I guess it still wasn't enough and I'll have to kick it up a couple more notches next year.

    On the bright side there was a new record yesterday with 112,092 unique visitors to the site and it probably would have been more if it hadn't been so slow. Also saw there was a new record for most people on the forums at once so that is nice too!

    Thanks as always to everyone for their support and enjoy Day Two!
    Scott Wright, President


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    Thanks Scott. I wanted to come on and post, but it was too slow and it kept timing out. ;)


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      Yeah, it got really slow...but still, it was expected. Thanks for everything though man. It kept running.

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        Hurray! I can actually post!

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          Wow, 112 thousand people.

          That is correct comahan
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            As Ron Burgandy said, " That's great news!"

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              Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
              Wow, 112 thousand people.
              that's huge.... Site was kinda slow yesterday, but nothing unexpected, it worked, that was the important thing.

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                The site was much better than last year so thanks a lot Scott, both for your great coverage and for the site running pretty good. Keep up the good work :D

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                  I love you Scott. You do all this for us. I am going to click on an add right now.

                  ^Thanks to Eaglez.Fan for the sweet sig!


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                    Scott we need to get you on ESPN or NFL Network to go at it with Mayock and Kiper. That would be sweet as hell!

                    I'll send in an email right now!

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                      112k people, 716 people at one time.

                      Not a bad day, I bet we all thought it would happen though.


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                        I remember last year it was something like 30,000 unique hits. But it did crash a bunch last time so that influenced it but still, the site has gotten much more popular in the past few months.


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                          Congrats to the site I like the direction its moving in :)

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                            Getting slow again...timed out a few times.


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                              It crashed for me quite a few times for me. It told me there was no site to show often.



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