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  • Arena Football and Europe Nfl

    anybody watch either one.I just started watching arena football and its actually pretty cool.Anybody else watch it and can give me info on them.

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    I watch NFL Europe, but only because I want to see how some of the Redskins we send over do. Arena football is cool also, but I have only watched about 2 games ever, just when im bored and I notice that it is on.


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      I watch NFL Europe when I can. Whenever I accidentally put on arena I'll watch a little.

      That is correct comahan
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        I like NFL Europe.
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        What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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          I tried to play an nfl europe game on madden and it was terrible. the players were so bad i couldn't get a first down, it wasn't like the defense was stopping me. lol.
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            I watch arena if its on and I go by it, I find it interesting, but its never the NY team so I don''t get too interested


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              Yeah it always the Philadelphia Soul or what ever, I don't care about them, so no reason to watch, but Rattler's games are great in person


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                I'd watch Arena football over NFL Europa.



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                  Originally posted by fenikz View Post
                  Yeah it always the Philadelphia Soul or what ever, I don't care about them, so no reason to watch, but Rattler's games are great in person
                  I like Philly's QB Grazziani and I think Jerad Sowell spent a year or so there.
                  I havent been able to catch games of either and hardly even know when they came on. Just the other day though I saw AFL on ESPN Clasic

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                    Bobby Sippio will make the NFL one day.

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                      I don't watch Europe b/c I'm not interested in d-leagues, but I love Arenaball! My top 2 teams are:

                      1-Utah Blaze
                      2-Chicago Rush

                      NFC North right ends are shaking in their cleats.

                      Or @ least they had better be.


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                        I watch Arena when it's on sometimes. It's different, but it's still football. I watch NFL Europe as well, when I can.

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                          I watch Arena football once in awhile. I like the high scoring games.

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                            i am a soul/crush fan so i watch when i can since they both get plenty of air

                            they always play night games so i usually cant watch because i have mandatory study hall right at or an hour before kickoff


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                              Like I said in a different thread...

                              I like Arena Football, but it's like masturbation, its nice during down time (NFL offseason), but I'm really thinking of something else during it. (NFL)



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