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  • Kentucky Derby

    The most exciting 2 minutes in sports. So who ya got? I have two horses in mind. Scat Daddy and Tiago.

    Having a small party tomorrow for the Derby. Gonna be hanging out drinking Mint Juleps all day.

    EDIT: I'm an ass. Didn't see the small thread already created. Would have figured it would be a bigger more noticable thread by now. Feel free to delete.

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    I never follow it, but I was flipping through channels and i saw No Biz Like Show Biz
    so sure, I'll take him.

    ^ bantx
    Originally posted by LEROY_FROM_YONDER
    **** this forum it will never ever been good cause its memebers eat doo doo
    Originally posted by Jughead10
    I just left him negative rep saying "I don't eat doo doo".



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