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Any computer experts? I have a question.

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  • Any computer experts? I have a question.

    If somebody has your IP address, such as a college, can they find out everything you have on your computer? Like if you have things such as music and games on your computer before you go to college, can they find these things once you're at college from having your IP address?

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    what's your IP address and i'll let you know

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    Titty sprinkles


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      Ok, sorry for the confusion. The college I am attending sent me a letter saying that I could get in trouble for downloading music. They had my IP address so they must have "saw" me downloading a song at some point. Meaning they know when I download a song so I could potentially lose my internet access. If I was using limewire, could they find all the songs on my limewire (even ones I downloaded last summer before I went to college) through my IP address?

      Edit: Also, when using limewire I blocked the ability for others to download my songs because people said that would make you more susceptible to being caught by the university.


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        Alright thanks for the help.
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