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Which Summer movies are you interested in?

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  • Which Summer movies are you interested in?

    This link has a list of the top 20 summer list, in order, of the movies i want to see

    1. The Bourne Ultimatum (I really like the jason bourne series)

    2. The Simpsons Movie

    3. Pirates of the carribean- at worlds end

    4. Transformers

    5. Live free or Die hard (yes, they are making another die hard..)

    6. Fantastic Four- rise of the silver surfer

    I havent been to a movie theatre in 6 i may be making up for it. Not a whole lot of quality, but i think these 6 movies should be some solid entertainment. I was also looking forward to spidey 3, but due to almost everyone telling me to avoid it...ill pass and rent it during the christmas holidays.
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    pirates of the caribbean, the only movie you will ever need to see, i already got my tickets


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      The Simpsons
      Pirates of the Carribean
      Harry Potter

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        I think Rescue Dawn is being released mainstream this summer. If so, I would like to see that.


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          Tranformers - Might suck, but will blow your mind doing so.
          Stardust - Looks interesting. Matthew Vaughn is awesome.
          28 Weeks Later - I hear good things. I love judicious use of the hand-cam.
          Ratatouille - Yeah, I know it's yet another animated movie about talking animals. But it's also Brad Bird.

          After that, I'm pretty lukewarm on everything else.


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            Evan Almighty

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              Bourne Ultimatum and Live free or die hard.

              I love both series of films :)

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                Hot Rod with Andy Samberg.

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                  Knocked Up
                  License to Wed
                  The Bourne Ultimatum
                  Oceans 13
                  Rush Hour 3

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                  Ok I'd almost rather spank my meat with sandpaper at this point.


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                    regarding the Simpsons....I can honestly say I've been a fan for all 18 years of the show (as a stand alone). And, I could not care less about this movie. they shoulda made it 10 years ago.


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                      Rush hour for sure, I didn't like the Bourne Supremacy, the Borne Ultimatum just sounds dumb.

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                        I hope FF is better than the first one. It looks better but who knows. Silver Surfer was one of my favorite comic book heroes so I'm excited.

                        In this movie, less Alba talking, more Alba skin. The only thing that makes her tolerable is the fact that she's smokin' hott. Because her acting was not good in the first one.

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                          Live Free or Die Hard and Halloween.


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                            Rush Hour 3

                            Jackie Chan
                            Chris Tucker
                            Johnny Drama


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                              Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - I'm a fan of the Silver Surfer and the movie looks pretty good.
                              Knocked Up - I'm a huge fan Judd Apatow as well as actors Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd. Should be very good.
                              Live Free or Die Hard - I'll see it but I'm not expecting much.
                              Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - I've liked all of the Harry Potter movies and have read all of the books that have been released so far. The previews look good.
                              Pirates 3 - Looks good and Barbossa is back. Looking forward to it.

                              Still need to see Spiderman 3 even though I keep hearing horrible reviews about it.

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