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    Lets here your funniest moments you have with Drunks.

    Mine has to be last night. ITs a holiday in Canada, with the Victoria Day weekend, so we had a party last night. Now one of my buddies got trashed by about midnight. All night we were mesing with him by saying stuff like "BE THE LAKE" (my buddies house has two walls in his basement that have a lake painted on it), so when we yelled that he would run into the wall. lol. But the best part would have to be, this guy yaking outside in the backyard. He started to sleep with his head on this inflateable ring, and we kept saying we'll move you into it fully (a ring for a swimming pool). We tried for about 20 mins, and got no luck. He kept yelling at us, and we didnt want him to make too much noise, so I just said "Eh PEter, you want to come in the house?" He perked his head up and said "OK" and ran into the house.! I stood puzzled for a few minutes. CRAZY!

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