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    Like someone else said, it depends on the time of the year.
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      Team Discussion, so I can talk about the Lions without all of you herbs giving me problems.


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        Originally posted by MaxV
        Originally posted by eazyb81
        Off Topic is usually where I spend most of my time, and the NFL board is probably 2nd.

        I spend more time on the Draft and Mock Draft boards when the season is over and it's closer to draft time.
        I've lost my faith in that one. Most Mocks there are VERY mediocre.
        As it gets closer to draft time, the mocks are overall better quality because you have more of the better posters making them. I know a lot of guys don't make mocks just because the draft sequence isn't set, but even more than that, we haven't even reached Bowl season just yet. Then it'll recruit more of the good mockers when the Senior Bowl and Combine take place. You'll also see more and better analysis at this time because the draft order won't be changing on a weekly basis.

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