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Beta test - game that is like mafia but isn't a standard mafia game, by Vidae!

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  • Beta test - game that is like mafia but isn't a standard mafia game, by Vidae!

    This is a beta test, point blank. It isn't going to be fancy and you're not going to be getting amazing Comahan-like writeups. It's just going to be a simple testing process where I throw the rules at you, assign the roles and teams, and have at it.

    This is my first version of the game. During the creation process there was a totally different way that I could have gone about it, and I'll be testing that one out next time. Consider this to be Game A, and the other version to be Game B. That doesn't really matter at this point, but just for reference, this isn't the only version I came up with.

    This will be a game based on roles seen in your typical mafia game (with a few new ones added!) but it is a whole different animal once you get past that. I'm fully aware that this could end up being a massive trainwreck, but I wanted to try something different in an attempt to do something new.

    Constructive criticism regarding the gameplay is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Random bitching is not.


    There are two major differences between this and a normal mafia game. First, there is NO LYNCH PHASE. This isn't based on night and day phases either, but rather RECRUITMENT and ACTION phases. Secondly, this is not a game based strictly on deduction like most mafia games. Deduction plays a part, but this game is just as much about teamwork and pure luck as it is deduction.


    When the game begins, there will be three teams of three players each. Those players will have preset abilities, with each team having the same ones. Essentially, every team begins with the same three base roles.

    The first phase of the game is the RECRUITMENT phase. Those players that are not selected to be part of the base roles for each of the three teams will have a chance to be recruited by one of those teams. The three Team Leaders have been briefed as to how this phase will work. You are allowed to talk in the game thread during the recruitment phase, with those people not on teams doing their best to talk themselves into being recruited, while walking a fine line in trying not to talk yourself up so much that you're targeted for death.

    Once you're recruited, your allegiance is directly tied to your new team, and your end game win condition will immediately be changed to aiding that team in securing victory. It is important to note that you might be killed BEFORE you are recruited to a team in this version of the game. It is random chance, and sending me messages bitching about not being recruited will do you no good. If you are not recruited, your sole purpose is to talk yourself onto a team.

    Upon completion of the RECRUITMENT phase, you advance into the ACTION phase. This works exactly like the night phase does in your standard mafia game. Each team, as a team, will choose a single target to kill, and the Team Leader will PM me once a decision is made. Meanwhile, you will PM me your individual actions and once I have them all, I will update the thread with what has gone on, and we will go back to the RECRUITMENT phase. The ACTION phase is the only part of the game where you can openly communicate with your teammates, discussing strategy much in the way a mafia group would do during their night phase. Each team will have their own quicktopic thread for communication, and you must stick to that thread when speaking.


    I. Do not PM anyone during the RECRUITMENT phase. If caught, it is an automatic modkill. This isn't a new rule.

    II. When you're dead, stop posting. This isn't a new rule either.

    III. If you do not send your actions to me within 24 hours of the thread being locked, you will be modkilled. I have less patience than Commie does!

    IV. No editing your posts, posting in invisible text, posting in small text, or trying to be cute in any way regarding this rule. Please post normally.

    V. No quoting my PMs in the game thread. You can say whatever you want to your teammates in the quicktopic thread during your ACTION phase, but quoting what is in a mod PM is a nono.


    A team wins when it's members are the last remaining players in the game. A team loses when all of it's members are killed.


    Seeing as how this is a beta test, and that this game is only setup for 24 players, I'll open signups but I'll ultimately be picking the people who participate. Don't be discouraged if you're not picked for this game as the next game will have six additional player slots.

    * Special shout-out to Commie, who helped me refine a lot of my early thinking and role selection!
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      You know I want to test this out!


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        You know i'm in

        I also want to reserve Scotty's seat

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          Sign me up, I'll read through it all later but I'm studying for a Final that starts in two hours.


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            Can I play? Pleeeease

            XBox 360 Gamertag: Bunj1986


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              i'll try it out if there's room



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                I want in !!!



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                  This sounds amazing Vidae!

                  (Thats as far as my head is going up your ass, but let me in please)


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                    You know I am, don't forget scottyboy and Rob S said they want in too but can't get on right now



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                      Noobie but would like to try it out once


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                        I shall try


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                          The **** is this ****?

                          RIP TheManInBlack


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                            The **** is this ****?
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                            Originally posted by fenikz
                            His soft D really turns me off
                            ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                              I would like to be in this! (and to also make love to your face)

                              That is correct comahan
                              I ******* LOVE YOU DG
                              <3 dg



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