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  • DBZ Game Signup

    With Vidae's signups winding down I just wanted to start the signups for the DBZ game.

    It will be running after Vidae's game and will have 24 participants. Everyone can apply but about 12 spots will be reserved for people that have known to be active, quality players. The last 12ish spots will be a lottery draw.

    I would also like to mention that this is the first in a series of games which will have increasing spots available. So if you do not get into this game the next will probably have 10 more spots so don't worry.
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    If I'm not banned from the forums for my game being a total letdown I'll play. :D

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      Im active, too active, but whatever.


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          I am definitely in.

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            Moving this to subforum makes Mafia info not the first thing I check now :(

            I will do it as well

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              Haven't played any mafia style games in a long time but I'll play if you have a spot :)
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                im in this thing!


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                  i'll do it



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                    Sure, sounds like fun.


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                      I'm in, but I may back out later. Depends on vid's game.

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                        Originally posted by TheBoyWonder22 View Post
                        I'm in, but I may back out later. Depends on vid's game.
                        Someone correct me if i'm wrog, but i think this game will be starting after vidae's one.


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                          I am so ******* in. Spirit bomb bitches.

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                            i'm in!!! I love DBZ lol

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                              It's Dragon Ball, why not?



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