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Nintendo Universe Mafia Game Thread - Town & Caddy Wins!

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  • Nintendo Universe Mafia Game Thread - Town & Caddy Wins!

    Nintendo Universe Mafia

    The players all gathered inside the terminal for their usual daily activities.

    King Dedede and King K. Rool head to their daily Bad-Anon class, Fix-it Felix gets to work and Pac-man eats some fruit. Something is different today though, someone has been unplugged. Peach is the first to notice her hero is the one who has been unplugged and cries out for help. The other characters come running just in time to see an 8-bit Mario fade out

    OSUGiants (Mario, Townie) has been unplugged.

    With all this uncertainty as to who could have unplugged him, the town is going crazy. Who could have done this? Will they be able to find the culprits that killed Mario? Or are they all destined to all meet similar fates?

    1. JR
    2. Vidae
    3. UK
    4. Gonzo
    5. Damix
    6. Rufus
    7. McGee
    8. Cigaro
    9. Rob
    10. BB
    11. Bulldogs
    12. JBalla
    13. zachsaints
    14. Caddy
    15. Witten
    16. fenikz
    17. CJ
    18. Milky Steak (w/ Raw Jelly Beans)
    19. R-Bond
    20. Grizz
    21. SheHulkner (Mrs. Shane)
    22. Shane (Mr. SheHulkner)
    23. scottyboy
    24. DG
    25. Cain
    26. D-Unit
    27. neil
    28. TitanHope

    Day 1 - TitanHope (Wolf O'Donnell, 1x Desperado), died a valiant desperado death

    Night 1 - Shane (Cranky Kong, Mason), has been killed

    Night 1 - D-Unit (Megaman, JOAT), has been killed

    Day 2 - Caddy (Falco, Jester), has been unplugged

    Night 2 - BeerBaron (Metaknight, Seraph Knight), has been killed

    Night 2 - Cigaro (KK Slider, Friendly Neighbor), has been killed

    Day 3 - JBalla (Conker, Framer/Tailor), has been unplugged

    Night 3 - niel89 (Straight Line, 1x Lightning Rod), has been killed

    Day 4 - R-Bond (Ganondorf, Nexus SK), has been unplugged

    Night 4 - UKFan (Captain Falcon, Hunter), has been killed

    Night 4 - jrdrylie (Dog, 2x Voyeur), has been killed

    Night 4 - Fenikz (Magus, 3x Tracker), has been killed

    Night 5 - Rob (Wario, 1x Area of Effect), has been killed

    Night 5 - SheHulkner (Fox McCloud, Cop), has been killed

    Day 6 - Bulldogs (Banjo, Godfather/Rolecop), has been unplugged

    Night 6 - Witten (Kirby, Evil Absorber), has been killed

    Night 6 - Grizz (Diddy Kong, Mason), has been killed

    Night 6 - SuperMcGee (Samus, Even Night Vigilante), has been killed


    --Breaking rules, even if it is only one infraction, is grounds to be mod-killed. I'm a pretty lenient mod and there aren't a whole lot of rules so play nice.

    --Do NOT contact each other outside of the game by any means necessary unless your role allows it and it is the predetermined time that you are allowed to talk.

    --NO LYNCH is on the table.

    --All lynch and unlynch votes must be in bold. You must unlynch before you can change your vote. Ex: Vote: OSU
    --If you quote a vote UNBOLD it, if you quote a vote without unbolding it 5 times you will be mod-killed
    --If your name is on the player list and you did not receive a role PM, let me know ASAP.

    --Do not talk in Dark Green, that's me and broth's color.

    --Refrain from editing your posts.

    --None of the "if you're wrong about me, will you agree to not play for a month" or "If I'm evil, I'll never play again" stuff. No sig bets.

    --Character/role claiming is allowed, with no limitations.

    --No talking about the game in the Mafia Discussion Thread during the night phase. At all. It pisses me off and you will be mod killed. If you are already dead and talk in there, I will mod kill someone of your same alignment at random. You will have a Dead Thread. If you need to know how long for night actions, PM me.

    --Each day will have a hard limit. Day 1 will have a 48 hour limit. Days 2 & 3 a 36 hour limit. All days after that will have a 24 hour limit.
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    I'm going to murder all of you.


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      It's on like Donkey Kong.

      Vote: McGee

      sig by BoneKrusher


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        Vote Jr

        Jr is evil.


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          Sup y'all.

          That is correct comahan
          I ******* LOVE YOU DG
          <3 dg


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            Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
            Sup y'all.


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              Updated Vote Count:
              McGee (1): Grizz
              JR (1): Caddy

              With 28 alive, 15 votes are needed to reach a majority



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                Woo! Let the games begin.

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                  I win now, right?


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                    Originally posted by Shane P. Hallam View Post
                    Woo! Let the games begin.


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                      Theres a bunch of people for this one.


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                        Caddy, you are like 12 away from 20k posts!


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                          BeerBaron stole my post, I'm going home.


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                            Caddy has already posted GIFs of two Psychopaths.

                            Vote: Caddy


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                              Originally posted by zachsaints52 View Post
                              Caddy, you are like 12 away from 20k posts!
                              I'm going to hit it in this thread!



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