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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Draft Countdown Forums Rules

1. No Personal Attacks - Criticize the Post, Not the Poster. This Applies to PM's, Rep Comments, Posts, etc.

2. Keep It PG-13 -

     a. No Bad Language - We Have Censors for Most Things, Don't Try to Evade Them.
     b. Keep your Images and Videos SFW (Safe for Work).
     c. Do NOT Discuss Illegal Activity. That Means Warez, Drug Use, Underage Drinking, Gambling, etc.

3. Do Not Use This Board to Advertise or Promote Your Own Draft Site or Any Others. Right Or Wrong , the Owner Doesn't Believe in His Site Being Used to Pump Up Rivals. If You Think It's Questionable, Ask First.

4. Keep Your Signature a Reasonable Size. You Get One Image and a Small Amount of Text. This Should Be Plenty of Space.

5. Don't Question the Decisions of Team Leaders, Mods or Admins. If You Have a Problem, Private Message a Mod. If You Think the Mod Is Wrong, Private Message an Admin. Posting a New Thread to Complain or Going Off Within an Existing Thread is a Good Way to Get Immediately Banned. Please Use the Chain of Command.

6. Don't Be Obnoxious -

     a. Don't Provoke Others.
      b. Don't Start an Obscene Number of New Threads Every Day.
     c. Use the Search Feature, Or at Least See If Someone's Already Created the Exact Same Thread in the Last Page or Two. You Don't Need to Revive a Thread from 2007, But We Don't Need Fourteen Active Tom Brady Threads.
     d. Don't Start Threads with the Express or Hidden Objective of Increasing Your Post Count.
     e. Quit Complaining About Rep. No One Cares. It's Just a Great Way to Let Someone Know You Agree with Their Post Without the Stupid "Me, too! (10 chars)" Post.
     f. Speaking of Which, There's a 10 Character Limit For a Reason. If You Don't Have Anything to Say, Don't Hit the Reply Button.
     g. Don't Troll Other Members or Other Teams. Posting "You Suck!" is Worthless and Will Be Treated as Such.

7. Lastly, This Is a Football Board. We Don't Do Politics / Religion and We Never Will. Those Topics Only Lead to Fighting and Trouble. There Are Millions of Forums Out There For People Who Want to Discuss Those Things. Find One.

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