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umphrey 09-16-2008 01:58 PM

Week 3 Team Thoughts
Green Bay:
Starting with my own team, of course. Packers look like they are picking up right where they left off last year winning their first two. The week 1 win against Minnesota was a huge statement. Week 2 against the Lions wasn't as meaningful, but a win nonetheless.

What hasn't been said about Rodgers...we haven't lost much or anything letting Favre go. He's shown excellent pocket presence and can throw on the run as good as any QB in the league. He's shown he can perform under pressure and he's shown he can light up average/poor defenses, yet he is still leaving some unknown as he hasn't played a good/elite defense yet.

Offense looks great. Top 3 receiving core in the league. Only thing they need to improve on is run blocking, or maybe Grant just needs to get healthy.

Defense looks better than last year. DL health is essential. They are getting more pressure.

Chicago looks like a totally different team from last year. They like 06 instead. Their defense looks healthy and they are making plays. They are executing their formula very well so far: dominate on defense, make turnovers, play with good field position and run the football.

Hester's injury is some concern. Their ST unit is still one of the best without him. Though they won't get as good of field position on kicks, their defense is still gonna create turnovers and force opponents to kick deep in their own territory.

Their offense looked atrocious going into the year but it hasn't been as bad as expected. They are running the ball pretty well with Forte. Orton is better than most people give him credit for. Their line is holding up, just enough.

The most hyped team going into the year starts 0-2. Can't say I'm not happy being a Packer fan, but I still see them as a .500 team. Problem is that they are too one dimensional on offense and defense.

On offense Peterson is dominant once again but they just can't throw the ball. 8 or 9 in the box shuts down the running game most of the time and TJack can't keep defenses honest. When will they give up on him? Or are they just incapable of getting someone better right now? OL opens holes but needs to pass block better. They get their starting LT back in two weeks.

The defense is somewhat disappointing as well. Lining up next to the Williams's helped Allen but not as much as expected. They can shut down the run pretty well but if you stop their pass rush (which consists of one player) you can throw on them with ease. Running to the outside avoids their big line but you still have to get through their linebackers who can run well.

Their season looks over already. They have some talent but they are just way too inconsistent. They aren't a playoff team but when Williams, Johnson and Kitna all show up on the same Sunday they can play spoiler to just about anyone.

On offense Kitna is the anti Brady. He's a decent quarterback but he makes mistakes at the worst times. Receivers can get open but drop balls. OL doesn't open holes or pass protect. Rookie runner Smith looks decent, probably an upgrade. They are going in the right direction taking OL in the first round these days.

On defense they don't really have any bright spots...Not much to talk about, they are just below average or bad all over with little hope for the future. Ernie Sims is the only playmaker there.

Division is the toughest it's been in years
Packers 12-4
Bears 10-6
Minnesota 8-8
Detroit 3-13

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