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lordquas 03-09-2009 04:17 PM

Full Jaguars Mock
James Lauranitis, ILB 1st round: Would come in and start right away. Is definitely the kind of guy Del Rio likes to have on his team.

Duke Robinson, OG 2nd round: It'd be a blessing if Duke falls into Jacksonville's lap. Great lineman who could help reestablish the running game.

Jarrett Dillard, WR 3rd round: Vastly underrated receiver who runs terrific routes and has a knack for getting open. Has potential to be a go-to receiver, would compete for slot as a rookie most likely.

Chris Baker, DT 4th round: If John Henderson can take this guy under his wing maybe he could become something special. Big massive runstuffer who has tons of potential for the future.

John Parker Wilson, QB 5th round: Even if Garrad has a good year he's still getting old. Parker Wilson is a coachable kid whose used to winning.

Morgan Trent, CB 6th round: Solid Corner who would add depth. A tall, Physical corner with tons of experience could have some potential.

shady00 03-10-2009 05:27 PM

Laurinaitis in the top 10?

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