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fenikz 05-04-2009 04:49 PM

Grade Your Rivals
We have less than 5 months until we are going to be at each other's throats so I figured why not be civil for the time being and give each other your opinions of everyone's draft

1. Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech - Considered by most to be one of the biggest steals in round 1, should give you guys a #1 target to go to for many years - A+

74. Glen Coffee RB Alabama - Solid back but a slight reach, not really a compliment to Gore but a back up - B

146. Scott McKillop LB Pittsburgh - Good value, high floor type of player, at the very least he is great depth - B+

171. Nate Davis QB Ball State - Was never a huge fan of his but it's good value, worth a gamble - B-

184. Bear Pascoe TE Fresno - Great blocker, should add some grit to the offense and puts pressure on VD - A-

219. Curtis Taylor S LSU - Solid player, should see alot of time on special teams and is basically Keith Lewis' replacement - B

244. Ricky Jean-Francois DT LSU - We've all seen how dominant he can be but also how terrible he can be, in the 7th he is worth the risk - B+

Overall: A- (including swaping your 2nd for the Panthers 2010 1st)

4. Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest - Great value, instantly gives you one of the best LB cores in the league for a long time - A+

49. Max Unger C Oregon - A solid depth guy and could start at C, not great with run blocking but very versitile - B+

91. Deon Butler WR Penn State - A better WR than he is given credit for, was overshadowed by Williams but should be solid - B

178. Mike Teel QB Rutgers - Even though scottyboy's homerism makes me like Rutgers I don't like the pick, doesnt fit the system and I doubt he is ever anything more than a 3rd QB - C+

245. Courtney Greene S Rutgers - Great pick here, could actually start sooner rather than later - B+

247. Nick Reed DE Oregon - A great pass rusher, should be a good rotional player down the road - B+

248. Cameron Morrah TE California - You are set at TE but its good value and maybe he can get some time at WR - B

Overall: A- (including swaping your 2nd for the Broncos 2010 1st)

2. Jason Smith OT Baylor - Any other player here would of been a bad pick, should be a long time starter and could start the Rams turn around - A

35. James Laurinaitis ILB Ohio State - Interesting that he went before Rey but obviously GMs weren't as high on him as we thought, Should be a solid MLB - B+

66. Bradley Fletcher CB Iowa - Slight reach but was at a big position of need, a very physical CB and good special teamer - B

103. Dorell Scott DT Clemson - Do the Rams intend to stop the run or something? we will see how this new strategy works out for them - B+

160. Brooks Foster WR North Carolina - Needed a WR but waited until round 5 to grab one, Foster was the 3rd WR with the Tarheels and I doubt he is ever more than that in the NFL - B-

196. Keith Null QB West Texas A&M - I actually can't say anything about the pick, no clue who he is - ?

211. Chris Ogbonnaya RB Texas - Good special teamer, all you can really hope for from a 7th rounder - B

Overall: B+

YAYareaRB 05-05-2009 10:50 PM

Cardinals A+.

One reason. Beanie. Probably the best value of the draft. I really hope he pans out for you guys. He's in the perfect situation.

HawkeyeFan 05-05-2009 10:58 PM

Arizona: B+. Wells is gonna beast.

San Fransisco: A-. Crabtree at 10? = STEAL.

Seattle: B. Curry was nice, and Ungerer is going to be real good.

HawkEye30 05-05-2009 11:04 PM

niners question here- is glenn coffe really any better than michael robinson?

Jensen 05-06-2009 12:11 AM

San Fransisco 49ers - I thought the 49ers had a pretty good draft. Crabtree at 10 overall was a steal. The trade they made with Carolina was great. Getting their 1st next year could possibly land them a mid-round selection seeing as how the NFC South is going to be tough this year. Coffee was a bit of a reach to me, and I don't think he will ever really be anything better than a backup. I really like Scott McKillop. With the proper development he could possibly start next to Willis in a couple years. I don't like Nate Davis that much, but I guess the reward outweighs the risk at that point in the draft. Most likely won't be a starter in this league. Pascoe is strictly a blocking TE, but a good pick. Lewis is just adding to the special teams. I like the Ricky-Jean Francois pick in the 7th. Great value and when motivated this guy is good. Could potentially be a steal this late. Overall I though the 49ers did great landing Crabtree at #10, picking up an extra 1st next year, and adding some nice depth with McKillop, Coffee, and Francois. Grade: A-

Seattle Seahawks - I loved the Aaron Curry pick. He was one of my favorite prospects in the draft and will give a giant boost the Seahawks LB corps. Unger was a good pick in the 2nd. He could realistically play any O-Line position for them, but I think he is best suited at center. Deon Butler was an ok pick. Provides depth for WR, but I don't ever see him becoming a starter. I didn't understand the Mike Teel selection in the 6th. I thought he would easily go undrafted. I would be surprised if he made the team. Courtney Greene was a good pick IMO. Nice sleeper prospect, could start at safety within a few years with proper development. Morrah was good value in the 7th, but he won't see much playing time with Carlson and others at TE. Grade: B+

St. Louis Rams - I thought Jason Smith was the right selection at #2. I think he will be their franchise LT and should provide some much needed protection for Bulger. Laurinaitis was a good pickup in the 2nd. I think he was a late 1st round talent and he should be a good MLB for the Rams. I'm not that high on Bradley Fletcher, but he provides depth at CB and could possibly start if/when injuries occur in the secondary. Scott was a solid selection in the 4th. More DT depth and can rotate in every now and then. I saw Foster play a couple times at UNC, and he had his moments, but I don't think he will ever be more than a 3rd/4th WR option. Never heard of the QB they took and don't really have much to offer on Ogbonnaya either. Grade: B

FG4prez 05-07-2009 11:39 AM

Coffee is a way better RB than Robinson. Robinson hasnt shown the natural running ability, even in the short yardage situations. Him backing up Gore was never a possibility, it would have been Clayton before him. Robinson's main value comes on special teams as he is their best ST player. He could be an asset with the wildcat, they did run it with him a couple of times last year I believe.
That being said, Coffee is the one pick out of the draft i'm personally not sold on. I think the niners were hoping for Shonn Greene and he didnt drop. If he makes the team i wouldnt be surprised if Kory Sheets makes more of an impact.

i thought the rams and hawks did fine, but im not as high on wells as most are. good value, but he reminds me of curtis enis.

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