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bantx 02-08-2010 04:16 PM

My 2010 Chargers Mock Draft
1.) Jonathan Dwyer: Georgia Tech RB

Starting really like this guy, his quickness especially. Lets face it we have no existent run game when we really needed it. We need an every down back and Dwyer could be our guy with his ability to run inside and use his quickness to get outside.

1b.) Arthur Jones: Syracuse DE/DT

This guy is a beast enough said.

2.) Ciron Black: LSU OT

He's durable started 40 games at LSU he has the size, but may not be athletic enough to play LT. I think he may fall to the 3rd, either pick him here or at the 3rd would be solid.

3.) Jared Odrick: DE/DT Penn State

Very nice frame and has a lot of experience at Penn State Leadership qualities and he drew a lot of double teams at Penn state. We need depth on our Dline and a guy like Odrick would help us.

4.) Lorenzo Washington DE/DT Alabama

Won the most improved player of 2009 and he's only getting better, again we need more depth on our DLine with our rotation if we do end up staying with that next year. Lorenzo Washington is a monster and has the work ethic to go with it.

Later rounds I'm expecting AJ to go for another CB or even earlier knowing him. Drafting another safety, and either late or earlier in the 1-4 picks I can see him getting a DT or Safety.

I would like to see yall's mock drafts also.

superman8456 02-08-2010 04:18 PM

Odrick will not last until the 3rd round. Probably gets nabbed early 2nd-late 1st.

CC.SD 02-08-2010 07:53 PM

In a perfect world...

1. Dan Williams/Jonathan Dwyer
2. Terrence Cody/Ryan Matthews (DT/RB are our biggest needs by far
3. Kyle Calloway/Brian Jackson/Major Wright/Amari Spievey (Calloway would just be great value in the 3rd, otherwise go secondary, get rid of Cro)
4. Donald Butler/Kavell Conner/start plumbing the ILB depth
5. BPA, maybe some of the more raw prospects or injured guys like Anthony McCoy (2nd TE will be a need I doubt Manu sticks around) or Kam Chancellor. Some special team beasts if they're around but I doubt the 5-7 picks will make the team.

evenar 02-09-2010 10:16 AM

I like:
1. Jonathan Dwyer
2. Cam Thomas NT ( especially if he can join in the rotation at end, like Mike Mayock thinks)
3. Best avalable at end/right tackle/corner/safety, would love Myron Rolle or Jason Fox in the 3rd if either are available.
4-7: Besides just taking best player available at every single defensive position, I think we should try to find a run blocking fullback.

lancer 02-13-2010 09:32 PM

My take:
There are a lot of players I like at the positions of need. I just haven't figured out who I like best, yet. A lot will depend on what happens with Merriman and Cromartie.

I think we are looking for a NT, RB, CB and an ILB in the early rounds. I don't think AJ will be looking for a DE or a S. He was very high on Vaughn Martin and with Bingham coming back that gives us a good combination of experience (Bingham, Castillo and Cesaire) and youth (Nwagbuo and Martin). At safety he was very high on Ellison also and Ellison seemed to get better as the year went on. I just don't see AJ seeing these two positions as areas of need.

RB - is an obvious need not only because of LT's pending release but because it was our worst performing position. I myself found it very difficult to evaluate the OL because it seemed like LT fell down at the slightest touch from a defender. The RB's have got to make someone miss or break a tackle once in awhile. I think Dwyer and Matthews are both perfect fits I just hope we can get one of them in the 2nd round. Maybe a 2nd round pick that we can get in exchange for Cromartie.

NT - Jamal needs a young guy to start splitting snaps with. I like Williams, Thomas and Cody. I think Thomas might be the most undervalued of the three. I think he would be a great pick at the end of the 2nd round. With a couple of years to learn from Jamal he could develop into an excellent NT.

CB - If Cromartie goes we will need a corner who can play right away. There are a lot of guys that look really good to me that could be available when we pick in the 3rd round. Brandon Ghee, Amari Spievey, or Syd-Quan Thompson all come to mind. Joe Haden is the only CB in this draft I would consider in the 1st rd but there is a lot of depth in this class.

ILB - This is in my opinion the area of the defense that could have the most impact on our team. We are loaded with solid ILB's but I think we need to look at getting a real difference maker to team with Cooper. The LB's are what makes the 3-4 defense work after all. Spikes has been a playmaker since day one at Florida and although his stock has been dropping because of questions about his speed (Which isn't as big an issue for 3-4 ILB as opposed to a 4-3 MLB) I would love to see him lining up for us next year.

So here is my wish list for now:
1st - Brandon Spikes
2nd - Jonathan Dwyer (Trade for Cromartie)
2nd - Cam Thomas
3rd - Syd-Quan Thompson (AJ likes the taller CB's but I think this guy is gonna be real good)

I also would like to see us draft Vic Hall a WR from Virginia maybe in the 6th or 7th rds. The guy is a player. He played significant amounts at QB, WR and CB while at UVA he also returned punts and kicks and he was good at all of them. His best position would be as a slot receiver. He could also replace Osgood as gunner.

UncleHulka 03-15-2010 07:05 PM

I'm with Hank Bauer in hoping that they choose a NT in the first since the position is so damn difficult to fill. RB can be found later, maybe Hardesty in 2nd. Unfortunately, though, recent history suggests that they'll reach on a player in a position of lesser need. So that means that in the first they'll take a corner who is projected to go mid to late second. Then they'll trade up in the second and grab an RB like Tate who would've lasted anyway. AJ seems to do better in the middle rounds.

CC.SD 03-15-2010 07:59 PM

RT and ILB are interesting question marks for us. They don't cry out for attention like NT and RB, so I worry by the time those picks are made, the draftee won't be able to beat out Clary/Dombrowski or Cooper/the rotation. Those positions need upgrading though...difficult situation. AJ will probably thrown in a surprise pick high in the draft as he is known to do.

It wouldn't shock me at all if we go with a linebacker or RT over picking an early running back, especially if Sproles stays.

UncleHulka 03-18-2010 08:10 PM

Well, there's the trade up in the second l was expecting. Now what will they do, as this is an easy chance to grab two good starters. Mathews then Cody would make me too happy, so that's out of the question. I know l'm probably in the minority on MT. Cody, but they need a run stuffer in the worst way, and at worst he might be Ted Washington's illegitimate Yeti-spawn.

UncleHulka 03-18-2010 10:57 PM


Originally Posted by CC.SD (Post 2069787)
RT and ILB are interesting question marks for us. They don't cry out for attention like NT and RB, so I worry by the time those picks are made, the draftee won't be able to beat out Clary/Dombrowski or Cooper/the rotation. Those positions need upgrading though...difficult situation. AJ will probably thrown in a surprise pick high in the draft as he is known to do.

It wouldn't shock me at all if we go with a linebacker or RT over picking an early running back, especially if Sproles stays.

Interesting view. I LOVE Spikes but I just don't see them looking to develop a ILB as they tend to take long to grow into 3 down starters. This team no longer has that luxury. (See Malaluaga) They need instant production. Now,RT,maybe. I hate to repeat it but I can see them going CB early thinking nickel. My new wish list after the trade -- 1: Mathews 2: Cody 3: McCourtey/ Arenas 4: Riley would make me wet myself. They never do what I want though. And they always tend to take the wrong LSU guys. Please pass on Ciron tne Underachiever Black and take Perry Riley instead.

evenar 03-24-2010 11:48 AM

I think AJ will go NT and CB with his first to picks, then use this years 3rd and the 2011 3rd we got for Whitehurst to trade up and grab Tate or Hardesty. Just what I think will happen...

Then on day 3 it starts to get interesting. Brandon Spikes could still be there, and I wouldnt mind having him in our 3-4, speed problems or not.
Then we need to get another tackle, and Charles Scott seems to be a good right tackle prospect, who could atleast pose a challenge for the starting gig. Think we'll grab two running backs as well, do anybody have any thoughts on the late round prospects this year? James Starks and Lonye Miller seems like decent options in the 5th/6th.

Quick mock:
1st round: Terrence Cody (think and hope he'll be the pick)
2nd round: AJ Jefferson CB (typical AJ Smith pick, overdrafting on corner upside)
3rd round: Montario Hardesty (think he could be a good player for us)
4th round: James Starks RB ( AJ again drafting on upside here, if Spikes is still there he GOT to be the pick but I won't even dare to hope...)
5th round: Charles Scott OT ( blocked for Hardesty in college, I think he can be a starter)
5th round: Vince Oghobaase has slipped after the terrible combine, he could still be there and would be a great pick. Think it will be a end here anyway.

Just of the top of my mind here, trying to think like AJ, but if this were to be the draft I'd be happy, despite the back-to-back RBs and the overdrafted corner :)

bergo23 04-25-2010 10:36 PM


Originally Posted by CC.SD (Post 2009568)
In a perfect world...
4. Donald Butler/Kavell Conner/start plumbing the ILB depth

A perfect world indeed, nice work noticing the possible fit on Butler!

I love Mathews, but AJ always does his best work round 3 and later, and this year was no different.

AJ mopped up with 3 potential starters on this D; Butler, Stuckey and Cam and all legit threats to start, if not 2010, than for sure 2011...and Butler and Stuckey will be studs on special teams this year filling the void left by Kassim.

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