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SeanTaylorRIP 11-02-2010 05:18 PM

Brandon Banks appreciation thread
Ok I'm tired of all the negativity and hating so many things about this organization. I'd like to give props to one of the only guys on this team who I can root for. I was hesitant at first about him being kick returner with his size and fumbling issues but he's been such a monster. Finally a real returner!

God look starting at 5 seconds. Reed Doughty again blocks a guy in the back who wasn't going to get to Banks. Geez what a flipping idiot, that could have easily been called and he could have easily brought back another Banks KR touchdown in the same game. Where is that guys brain?

V.I.P 11-02-2010 08:00 PM

I remember seeing him in the Philly game. Is Banks a rookie or something, because i haven't heard of him prior to this season.

SeanTaylorRIP 11-02-2010 08:25 PM

Yup he is an undrafted rookie. He was actually a pretty big name in college FB last year. Had 4 kick return TD's at Kstate, also had like 700 yards receiving. He actually had 1000 yards receiving and 10 TD's the year before when Josh Freeman was his QB. He was kind of the second coming of Sproles at Kstate, problem why he was never drafted is that he's about 5-6" 145.

703SKINS202 11-02-2010 09:44 PM

I was really skeptical at first of Banks too but now hes probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite Skin. Kid can really glide.

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