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bsaza2358 01-20-2011 02:37 PM

Philadelphia Eagles 2011 Draft Thread
Post your comments and predictions here!

PhillyBirds25 01-23-2011 12:20 AM

Eagles 2011 Offseason and Draft Thread
Hey fellas. New member here, I've been on these boards for about 3-4 years but never registered till today. I usually post on a different forum but I figured might as well. I posted this Mock Off season plan on the other website and figured Id post it here too. So here it is-

That time of the season, where boredom kicks in and the imagination runs wild. Here's my plan-

Mike Vick- Resigned
David Akers- Resigned
Stew Bradley- Resigned
Sav Rocca- Resigned
Owen Schmitt- Resigned

Players we let walk: Bobby McCray, Omar Gaither, Ernie Sims, Ellis Hobbs, Quintin Mikell, Victor Abiamiri, Reggie Wells.

Akeem Jordan, Eldra Buckley, MJG and Nick Cole can resign only if they will accept low backup type money, if they want more they can walk.

Winston Justice (3.7 Mill for 2011) and Juqua Parker (4.3 Mill for 2011) are asked to take pay cuts or restructure their salaries. If they refuse, we try to trade them. Worst case we cut both players. Justice is not starting material and there's no way he deserves 3.7 mill as a backup. Parker will not be the starter anymore losing his job to Jason Babin (FA pickup, read below) and Parker is a rotational player at best who wears down with too many snaps. No way we pay him 4.3 mill for that type of role.

Joselio Hanson (2.2 mill for 2011) is cut.

If Weavers career continues to look doubtful, as sad as it is, he might be on his way out as well.

We hit Free Agency hard and address the defense and o-line. Eagles Sign:

Nnamdi Asomugha- We missed out on Peppers and Rolle last year, we wont let it happen again. Time to drastically improve this defense, at a key weak position. Other options: Brent Grimes, Jonathon Joseph.

Carl Nicks- Our RG's were a joke this year. We dish out the money to sign a top Guard just hitting his prime (25 yrs old). Other options Logan Mankins/Davin Joseph.

Albert Haynesworth- Has stated will take less money to play with the eagles and the former coach he respects and appreciates (Jim Washburn). Sign to Incentive-laden deal, let him earn his money. He will get cut, worst case we dish out a late round pick for him and work on a new deal.

Jason Babin- Another player who follows Jim Washburn. With Graham most likely not being ready for the season and Parker on his way out, eagles lure back Babin. He wont break the bank but he will get paid.

With the already amazing salary cap situation were in plus the fact of the players we let walk and the most likely cuts (Hanson, Parker, Justice) these 4 FA are within our cap limitations. Also we don't have to pay 1st round money to anyone in the draft (see below).

On to the draft. I believe we have to be active and busy in the draft, meaning a lot of trades and getting value. After the top 7-8 players I feel there's a big drop off and the late first doesn't look too appealing. This is what I do in the draft:

Trade: Kevin Kolb and 5th rounder (150th Overall) to the Arizona Cardinals for their 2nd rounder (37th overall) and 3rd rounder (69th overall). Arizona needs a QB and for the price of a 2nd and 3rd they have to jump on the opportunity.

Trade: Eagles trade 1st rounder (23rd overall) and 6th rounder (181th Overall) to the Buffalo Bills for their 2nd rounder (35th overall) and 3rd rounder (67th overall). Buffalo trades back into the first to take one of the falling top 4 QB's.

Trade: Eagles trade their 3rd rounder (87th overall), Arizona's 3rd rounder (69th overall) and the 5th rounder (146th Overall) we got from San Diego back to San Diego for their 2nd rounder (50th Overall) and 6th rounder (178th Overall).

2nd RD (35th Overall, BUF) - DeMarcus Love - OT - Arkansas
6'5 315 lbs which means great size and has the frame to get even bigger. Really good athlete with good feet, good as a run blocker as well as a pass blocker. Can play 4 positions on the O-line. A hard worker with leadership skills who can anchor the right side of our offensive line. He is our future stud RT. Other option: Marcus Cannon.

2nd RD (37th Overall, ARI) - Stefen Wisniewski - C - Penn St
6'3 305 lbs. Incredibly bright kid, hard worker, tough, physical and extremely skilled. He also plays with a nasty demeanor. Can play both Guard and Center with his future with us being at Center. We've needed a true Center who can make all the calls, pass block and run block, we finally get one in this stud Wisniewski. He can step in day 1 and make an impact.

2nd RD (50th Overall, SD) - Jimmy Smith - CB - Colorado
6'2 205 lbs, great size at the CB position. Great Athlete who is physical and can cover as well. Smith allowed only 11 completions combined as a Junior and Senior. He is someone who can definitely go higher then mid 2nd due to his triangle numbers but as of now he is seen as a 2nd round pick. Other options if Smith isn't available: Ras-I Dowling or Curtis Brown.

2nd RD (54th Overall, PHI) - Deunta Williams - S - North Carolina
6'2 215 lb frame. Switched from WR to Safety in 2007. He is a great athlete with speed, agility, leaping ability and ball skills. He has a great frame and plays physical football. A smart player with a lot of potential. Just an all around really good football player who projects as a SS in our system. Other option: DeAndre McDaniel.

3rd RD (67th Overall, ARI) - Andy Dalton - QB - T.C.U.
6'3 220 lbs, good size. Has a decent arm but is very accurate. Real smart kid who is a good decision maker. Looked at as a real good leader with incredible work ethic. Doesn't have elite physical tools but is a good fit in the West Coast system and if he is coached up right he will surprise.

4th RD (103rd Overall, WAS) - Greg Romeus - DE - Pittsburgh
6'6 270 lb specimen. Prototypical 4-3 defensive end. Has a huge frame and is a very good athlete with a repertoire of pass rushing moves. Returned his senior year after have a very promising junior year which was looked at as first round talent, only to tear his ACL. Well worth the risk of a 4th round pick, if this kid can regain to form he will be an absolute steal.

4th RD (119th Overall, PHI) - K.J. Wright - OLB - Mississippi St
6'4 250 lbs SLB prospect. We need some beef on our LB'ers and Wright fits the bill. With his size also comes a good athlete. He is physical and can run sideline to sideline. He's a hard worker and well respected by coaches. He was inconsistent and didn't put up big numbers but he fits the role as that big SLB we've needed for a while.

As for draft projections a lot will change from now up until the draft. This how I have them ranked right now. So on that note, Rip away!

eaglesalltheway 01-23-2011 04:04 PM

Lots of information to process here, but a nice first post man. Last I heard Ellis Hobbs retired (thank god), so we don't have to worry about cutting him. I like who you have resigning here, though I think it'll be very difficult to get Aso in Philly (which would change a lot of your draft scenario). But I love the idea of bringing in Carl Nicks. He was a guy I liked coming out, and he's proven he can keep his head on straight and would be a great addition at RG. He seems like he could be a possibility. That would take care of the RG problem, and perhaps help our RT out a little more as well. I could see the team upgrading RT, but as of now, I think there are pressing needs. If the Eagles are unable to get Nnamdi or another top CB in FA, and get a guy like Nicks, I could see them trading up for a CB in the draft. as bsaza has mentioned in the team thread, with the new CBA, it'll be almost impossible to trade him and get picks in this draft. But If we were able to get help at CB and RG in FA, I like the Love pick, he fits the offense and could be a great RT here. I'm not HUGE on Wisniewski, but I like him, and think we would be a good addition. If Mikell would be let go, I strongly believe the team will give Coleman a shot to start, but in this situation, there are few holes, and Safety could be addressed there. This would basically be a dream scenario for me (any situation where the Eagles acquire Aso is a dream scenario, TBH), but I highly doubt this, or anything much like this would happen in FA.

bsaza2358 01-24-2011 12:15 PM

Please post all Offseason discussions in the Draft/Offseason Thread. Moving these posts over.

Umoro 01-26-2011 10:52 AM

Why would anyone suggest letting Mikell walk?

He's consistently a top 5 safety in the league and while he's 30, he plays strong safety and could easily play for at least three more years at a high level.

They'd be needlessly diluting the talent level of their defense by not re-signing Mikell.

bsaza2358 01-26-2011 11:07 AM

Pretty sure the thought is that you play Allen and Coleman at the safety spots, then get some depth via FA or the draft. Letting Mikell go now would save the team money under the cap to spend on new contracts (like extending Jackson and Vick). Mikell is a leader on the defense, which is needed, but there's no saying that the void can't be filled by the 2 rooks from the 2010 draft.

eaglesalltheway 01-26-2011 02:14 PM


Originally Posted by bsaza2358 (Post 2496162)
Pretty sure the thought is that you play Allen and Coleman at the safety spots, then get some depth via FA or the draft. Letting Mikell go now would save the team money under the cap to spend on new contracts (like extending Jackson and Vick). Mikell is a leader on the defense, which is needed, but there's no saying that the void can't be filled by the 2 rooks from the 2010 draft.

I like Mikell a lot, but if signing him would mean one or both of Vick and Jackson can't be signed long term, its not wirth it, those two are more to the team than Mikell by a long shot. Plus with how Coleman has played, he has shown signs that he can be as good as Mikell or better with further developement. I wouldn't say Mikell is a top 5 Safety though, perhaps a top 5 Strong Safety, but even that is pushing it, though he did play to that level this year. Also, if it'd come down to ssigning Mikell over a guy like Aso or a young FA O-linemen like Nicks, I'd take Nicks over Mikell as well.

Umoro 01-26-2011 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by bsaza2358 (Post 2496162)
Pretty sure the thought is that you play Allen and Coleman at the safety spots, then get some depth via FA or the draft. Letting Mikell go now would save the team money under the cap to spend on new contracts (like extending Jackson and Vick). Mikell is a leader on the defense, which is needed, but there's no saying that the void can't be filled by the 2 rooks from the 2010 draft.

The problem is that Mikell is actually a top 5 safety. Profootballfocus actually has him rated as something like the top-ranked run-support and coverage safety. There is simply no way that you can get that kind of production out of Kurt Coleman next year. Losing Mikell would drastically affect the secondary in a negative way.



Safeties: Michael Huff (Oakland) and Quintin Mikell (Philadelphia)
Backups: Eric Weddle (San Diego) and Troy Polamalu (Pittsburgh)

More AFC West power. We opted for Huff over Weddle as our starter on the back of his coverage skills, but you also canít ignore his versatility ó his timing of blitzes was an underrated part of his game. Mikellís selection was never in doubt, because unlike a lot of other guys who live purely off highlights his game is built on much surer foundations. He only had one poor rating all year, and it wasnít even that poor. Polamalu was up there with him, but had a rough stretch at midseason and missed time at the end. Weddle is one of those guys who just does a fantastic job ó whatever is asked of him ó but sometimes we ask ourselves how much more effective he might be if he got to play closer to the line of scrimmage more often; he was our 3rd-rated safety in run support.

superman8456 01-26-2011 04:09 PM

Currently, the Eagles have only two players scheduled to make more than $5 million dollars next season.


^This is a great read on the Eagles money situation. We are in very good shape in terms of being able to sign players.

Another thing I see happening is moving around some players on our defensive line, particularly defensive tackle. I seeing either Bunkley or Patterson (hopefully Patterson) being moved this offseason. They aren't living up to the money they're making, but some team may see the value in them.

Umoro 01-26-2011 06:38 PM

I would give Bunkley and Patterson a year with the new D-Line coach to see if he can unlock their potential. I don't think it's entirely an accident that they've regressed the most heavily in the past two years under the incompetent Rory Segrest. If Washburn can't get them to perform, then move them. But at least give them a year under Washburn.

RCAChainGang 03-15-2012 12:56 AM


Originally Posted by RagingColt (Post 2903906)
Colts swap 6th round picks with the Eagles for Winton Justice. At worst he provides depth on the O-Line and at best moves into the starter role at RT and pushes Ijalana moves inside to Guard. Low risk high reward type of move on Grigson's part.


I really don't know much about this guy. Opinions? Could he help us out?

igglefanz 03-15-2012 01:43 AM


Originally Posted by RCAChainGang (Post 2904402)
I really don't know much about this guy. Opinions? Could he help us out?

You are not getting much, Early in his career he struggled to stay healthy and later in his career he couldn't even beat out King Dunlap for a backup spot on the Eagles at either tackle position. He was going to get cut anyways and carries a 4 million cap number with him. I gave up on him a few years ago.

Bigp5437 03-20-2012 07:25 PM

EDIT: Delete my comment someoneeeeee realized this is the wrong thread lol, I blame RCAChainGang :P And my failure to read from being tired

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