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Dunta_23 03-10-2011 05:37 PM

Im in a mock....
As the Chargers...I selected JJ Watt at #18..also moved Jackson for an early 2nd and mid 3rd...who would be a good selection early 2nd??

Round 1

1. Carolina (2-14)--Cam Newton QB Auburn
2. Denver (4-12)--Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson
3. Buffalo (4-12)--Nick Fairley DT Auburn
4. Cincinnati (4-12) Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
5. Arizona (5-11) Marcell Dareus DE Alabama
6. Cleveland (5-11) AJ Green WR Georgia
7. San Francisco (6-10)--Patrick Peterson DB LSU
8. Tennessee (6-10)--Julio Jones WR Alabama
9. Dallas (6-10)--Tyron Smith OT USC
10. Washington (6-10)--Robert Quinn DE North Carolina
11. Houston (6-10)-- Cameron Jordan, DE- California
12. Eagles(6-10) from Minnesota-Prince Amukamara - CB - Nebraska
13. Detroit (6-10)-Von Miller OLB Texas A&M
14. St. Louis (7-9)-- Mike Pouncey OG Florida
15. Miami (7-9)--Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas
16. Jacksonville (8-8)-Mark Ingram RB Alabama
17. New England - from Oakland (8-8)---Aldon Smith, DE: Missouri
18. San Diego (9-7)-JJ Watt, DE, Wisconsin
19. New York Giants (10-6)--Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College
20. Tampa Bay (10-6)--Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue
21. Kansas City* (10-6)--Akeem Ayers LB UCLA
22. Indianapolis* (10-6)-- Cameron Heyward, DE/DT, Ohio State
23. Minnesota from Philadelphia--Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa
24. New Orleans* (11-5)--Bruce Carter OLB North Carolina
25. Seattle* (7-9)--Jake Locker QB Washington
26. Baltimore* (12-4)--Brandon Harris CB Miami, Fla
27. Atlanta* (13-3)--Justin Houston DE/OLB
28. New England* (14-2)--Nate Solder, OT, Colorado
29. Miami from Chicago--Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame
30, New York Jets* (11-5)--Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin
31. Oakland from Pittsburgh--Corey Liuget DT Illinois
32. Jacksonville from Green Bay--Christian Ponder QB Florida State

Round 2

1.New England - from Carolina (2-14)-- Mikel Leshoure, RB, Illinois
2.Buffalo (4-12)
3.San Diego from Cincinnati--

My targets are:

Stephen Paea, DT
Derek Sherrod, OT
Jon Baldwin, WR
Jimmy Smith CB
Torrey Smith, WR
Phil Taylor, NT

What do you think would be the best direction to go?

CC.SD 03-11-2011 04:04 PM

Untrade Jackson?

ILB/WR, Watt was a good decision.

defensiveback23 03-11-2011 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by CC.SD (Post 2551162)
Untrade Jackson?

This. Great pick. I think OLB is the next most pressing priority. I'd look at Reed and Sheard. I believe Sheppard would be a great fit at ILB as well.

Dunta_23 03-21-2011 09:15 AM

So this is what I've picked up so far....

1. JJ Watt, DE, Wisconsin
2. Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland
2. Allen Bailey, DE, Miami
2. Curtis Brown, CB, Texas
3. Jeremy Beal, OLB, Oklahoma

What do you think?

defensiveback23 03-22-2011 03:25 PM

Well Watt is great. I'm not the biggest fan of Smith due to his body catching. I don't see why they would draft another DE, especially Bailey. I could definitely see the Brown selection occurring but do not like Beal. He is just not dynamic enough. I would have prioritized OLB right after Watt, then looked to fill other needs.

jorgea 05-05-2013 07:42 PM

I'm in a Mock
No doubt Watt is a great pick.

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